1. School Site or Department will enter RQS into procurement system; once approved
  2. School Site or Department shall notify assigned Buyer item(s) on RQS must be procured via District Charge Card
  3. Buyer will place order using Purchasing credit card
  4. Buyer to provide Card Holder with Invoice (packing slip), copy of RQS (with account distribution information)
  5. Once item(s) received Buyer will cancel RQS from procurement system to release encumbrance
  6. Card Holder will sign credit card charge statement and obtain Supervisor signature (approval)
  7. Forward credit card statement with account distribution written on statement and support documents to Accounting (Kim Kelstrom) 
  8. Accounting will charge School Site or Department account by journal entry for credit card amount

Purchases are made on District credit cards only when a company will not accept a purchase order.  Purchasing credit card also used for book orders.

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