Federal Equal Opportunity Employment
Instructional Materials
Public Works Projects Fingerprint Procedure
Government Code 53060
Public Contract Code 20111
Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Relations with Vendors
Federal Procurement Method
Architects and Engineering Services
Insurance Requirements
Employee Reimbursement
Warehouse Stores
Warehouse Safety - Material Safety Data Sheets
Warehouse Safety - Forklift Training
Warehouse Return of Material
Warehouse Return for Credit Procedure
Warehouse Receiving
Warehouse Other Services
Warehouse Objective
Warehouse Mail Services
Warehouse Equipment Inventory Control
Warehouse Emergency Call-In or Walk-In Orders
Warehouse Discrepancies
Warehouse Deliveries
Visitor Software
Vendor Debarment Procedure
Unauthorized Purchases
Travel - Student
Travel - Employee
Tie Bids
Term Price Agreements Description
Student Body payments for services
Standard Terms and Conditions
Soliciting and Selling
Solicitation Of Funds From And By Students
Savings Formula
Purchase Order Line Types
PTA Paying for Work at a School Site
Procurement Card
Playground Equipment
Payments in Advance
Open Record Request
One Time Customer Pick-Up (111CP)
Office Supplies
Movie Events
Mission Statement (Purchasing Dept.)
Maintenance Blankets
Mail Service
Letters of Intent
Independent Contract Agreements (11ICA12)
Increase or Decrease a Purchase Order
How to Do Business with FUSD Manual
Gifts, Grants, and Bequest
Gift Cards or Personal Gift Items
Fundraisers for Non-FUSD programs
Form 700
Foreign Vendors
Nutrition Services Procurement Codes of Conduct
Nutrition Services Farm to School Procurement Procedure
Food Service Procedure for Buy American
Flags (Purchase and Disposal)
Exemptions to Formal Bid or RFP
Evaluation of Bids
Ethical Purchasing Principals and Standards
Disc Jockey's and Event Entertainment Services
Definition of Procurement
Debarred Vendors
Credit Card Procedure
Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest
Centralized Purchasing Authority
Carnival Game Equipment Rental and Inflatables
Book Orders with List Attached
Blanket Purchase Orders
Bidders List Description
Bid Tabulations (Summary)
Bid Protest Procedures
Bid Limits
Bid Bond Requirements
AMS Vendor Customer Table (VCUST)
AMS Tutorials
AMS Stock Requisition (SRQ)
AMS Standard Purchase Requisition (RQS)
AMS Blanket Purchase Requisition (RQS)
Access to Teachers
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