The Bidders list is not an approved vendors list. Buyers will use this list to contact vendors for quotes and to extend invitations to Bid. 
Any vendor who chooses to register his/her company acknowledges FUSD is not obligated to notify the vendor of all bid solicitations within his/her registered commodity. Vendors shall rely on official notification in the City of Fresno local paper for formal bid solicitations.

Fresno Unified School District Procureware System Register Now as a Bidder!
Online Sourcing is on the horizon
The Fresno Unified Purchasing Department is excited to introduce our future online sourcing system Procureware. Vendor Registration, our Phase One of transitioning to online sourcing, begins March 25, 2021. Please use the Instructions for Vendor Registration. Bids will still be accepted in the format noted in bid package or quote documents during this First Phase.

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