We extend a warm welcome to those wishing to do business with the Fresno Unified School District (FUSD or the “District”). It is our goal to make our relationship friendly and mutually rewarding. Our principal objective is to acquire goods and services at a fair and reasonable price. We are constantly seeking new sources and welcome your participation. Formal bids are solicited through newspaper advertisement and bids are publicly opened and read aloud on the date and time indicated. 

Please contact the Buyer listed if you have questions concerning the bid specifications or to obtain a printed copy of the bid. Only the FUSD Purchasing Buyer is authorized to answer questions regarding bid specifications. If the Buyer cannot answer your questions an addendum will be issued. Only written Addenda shall be binding. Any information you obtain from the end user will not be legally binding and can be cause for your bid being rejected.

A list of active and closed bid events may be viewed by clicking on the desired “bid status” bar. To download bid documents click on the title of desired bid, then click on the desired file in the “attachments” box. Bidders shall verify and only rely on applicable dates stated in bid documents and addenda as the correct dates of events and required due dates for bids.

Report fraud, waste or abuse by calling the Anti-Fraud Hotline, (559) 325-3200, or by completing the fraud, waste or abuse reporting form online at: https://www.ppcpas.com/fresno-unified-fraud-alert

The anti-fraud waste or abuse reporting hotline is available to report alleged fraud in the district. The responsibility for monitoring the hotline rests with the internal auditor for Fresno Unified School District, Price, Page & Company. A report may be made anonymously.

Bid TitleBid NumberPre-Bid DateClosing DateClosing TimeTabulation / SummaryBidders ListBuyerTarget Board DateAttachmentsNotesOnline Attendance: Pre-Bid/Bid OpeningBid Status
USDA Commodity Processed Food Products21-06* * Mandatory * * August 7th @ 10:00a.m. via SKYPE08/19/20202:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableBarbara Stewart11/04/202021-06 Bid Document
21-06 Tabulation
21-06_Excel Pricing Sheet
21-06_Addendum 1
21-06_Addendum 2
21-06_Bidders List
21-06_Notice to Bidders
08/07/2020 Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference via SKYPE @ 10 a.m. Join by phone: Active544
McLane High School Fire Alarm Upgrade21-07Mandatory 7/28/20 @ 10 am, McLane HS08/20/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel10/07/202021-07_Board Approval 10-7-20
21-07_Subcontractors List
21-07_Notice to Bidders
21-07_Bidders List
21-07_Job Walk Sign In Sheets
Join Skype Meeting Trouble Joining? Try Skype Web App Join by phone 1 (559) 457-6182,,1863805# (FUSD) Closed542
Hoover High School Career Technical Classroom Improvements21-05Mandatory 7/14/20 @ 10 am, Hoover HS08/04/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel09/09/202021-05_Board Award 9-9-20
21-05_Subcontractors List
21-05_Bidders List
21-05_Job Walk Sign In Sheets
21-05_Notice to Bidders
Join Skype Meeting Trouble Joining? Try Skype Web App Join by phone 1 (559) 457-6182,,1863805# (FUSD) Closed541
Early Childhood Education Center Fencing Improvements1767-35383Mandatory 7/7/2020 @ 2 pm, Early Childhood Education Center7/16/20202:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelActive540
McLane High School Career Technical Education Classroom Improvements21-04Mandatory 7/7/20 @ 10 am, McLane HS07/28/20202:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel08/26/202021-04_Board Approval 8-26-20
21-04_Subcontractors List
21-04_Notice to Bidders
21-04_Bidders List
21-04_Job Walk Sign In Sheets
Join Skype Meeting Trouble Joining? Try Skype Web App Join by phone 1 (559) 457-6182,,1863805# (FUSD) Closed539
Cooper Middle School Kitchen Flooring Replacement1105-35121Mandatory 7/9/20 @ 10 am, Cooper MS07/23/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel1105-35121_Notice of Completion
1105-35121_Front-End Pt. 2
1105-35121_Job Walk Sign In Sheet
1105-35121_Notice to Bidders
1105-35121_Site Plan Sheets
1105-35121_Technical Specs
1105-35121_Addendum 1
1105-35121_Addendum 2
1105-35121_Subcontractors List
1105-35121_Bidders List
1105-35121_Front-End Pt. 1
Brawley Service Center Automotive Lift Replacement21-02Mandatory 6/23/20 @ 10 am, Purchasing Dept07/07/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz08/12/202021-02_Board Approval 8-12-20
21-02_Bidders List
21-02_Job Walk Sign-In Sheets
21-02_Notice to Bidders
21-02_Subcontractors List
Ahwahnee Middle School Water and Sewer Main Replacement1010-35131Mandatory 6/18/20 @ 10 am, Ahwahnee MS06/30/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableAnn Loorz1010-35131_Notice of Completion
1010-35131_Scope of Work
1010-35131_Subcontractors List
1010-35131_Tech Specs
1010-35131 Addendum 1.
1010-35131 Plans Revised P-1_REV1
1010-35131_Bidders List
1010-35131_Front-End Pt 1
1010-35131_Front-End Pt 2
1010-35131_Job Walk Sign In Sheets
1010-35131_Notice to Bidders
Hoover High School Event Center Painting and Fire Proofing21-01Mandatory 6/11/20 @ 10 am, Hoover HS07/08/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz08/12/202021-01_Board Approval 8-12-20
21-01_Job Walk Sign In Sheets 06.24.20
21-01_Job Walk Sign In Sheets
21-01_Notice to Bidders
21-01_Subcontractors List
21-01_Tabulation final
21-01_Bidders List
Dry and Frozen Food Products20-58Mandatory 5/11/20 at 1:00 PM 5/28/20202:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie6/17/202020-58_Bid Tabulation
20-58 Addendum NO. 1_Price Sheets for Dry and Frozen Food Products
20-58 Bidders list - Dry and Frozen Food Products
20-58 Dry and Frozen Food Products - Bid Docs 4.30.20
20-58 Notice to Vendors 4.30.20
20-58 Pre-Bid Conferene Via SKYPE Sign In Sheet
20-58 Addendum No. 1 Dry and Frozen Food Products
Food Service Equipment Purchase and Repair Service20-57Postpone until further notice 6/8/20202:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie6/17/202020-57 Addendum No. 1
20-57 Addendum No. 2
20-57 Bidders list - Food Service Equipment Purchase and Repair Service
20-57 Notice to Bidders
Ready to Serve Pizza20-28Mandatory 5/04/2020 at 9:00 AM 05/29/20202:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie06/17/202020-28 Protest Procedure Letter
20-28 Bidders list - Ready to Serve Pizza
20-28 Notice to Bidders
20-28 Pre-Bid Conferene Via SKYPE
20-28 Ready to Serve Pizza - Bid Documents
20-28 Addendum No. 1 Ready to Serve Pizza
Fresh Juice and Dairy Products20-52Mandatory 5/04/20 at 11:00 AM, 5/18/20 at 11:00 AM5/21/20202:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie6/17/202020-52 Addendum No. 2
20-52 Bidders list - Fresh Juice and Dairy Products
20-52 Fresh Juice and Dairy
20-52 Notice to Bidders
20-52 Pricing Sheet
20-52 Recommendation for Award and Protest Procedures
20-52 Addendum No. 1
Fresh Produce20-06Mandatory 5/05/20 at 10:00 AM , 5/19 at 11:00 AM5/22/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie6/17/202020-06 Bidders list - Fresh Produce
20-06 Fresh Produce
20-06 Notice to Bidders
20-06 Pre-Bid Conferene Via SKYPE
20-06 Price Sheets - Schedule B.1 Secondary and Other Sites
20-06 Pricing Sheet Schedule A - Nutrition Center
20-06 Pricing Sheet Schedule B.2 for Hamilton and Wawona
20-06 Addendum No. 1
20-06 Addendum No. 2 Fresho Produce
20-06 Bid Tabulation
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP)20-05MANDATORY 5/05/20 at 11::00 AM 5/28/20203:01 PMAvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie6/17/202020-05 Protest Procedure Letter
20-05 Bid Tabulation
20-05 Bidders list - FFVP.
20-05 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program FFVP
20-05 Notice to Vendors
20-05 Pre-Bid Conferene Via SKYPE - FFVP
20-05 Pricing Sheets for FFVP
20-05 Addendum No. 1 FFVP
Investigation ServicesRFQ 20-35none4/20/20203:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableToni Jorge6/10/2020RFQ 20-35 Investigation Services
RFQ 20-35 Invitation to Submit Qualifications
RFQ 20-35_Questionnaire
20-35_Addendum No. 1
Duncan Polytechnical High School CTE Welding Lab Electrical Upgrades0710-35330May 26, 2020, 9:00 am in front of the Administration Office at Duncan Polytechnical High School, 4330 E Garland Ave, Fresno, CA 937266/10/20203:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableToni Jorge0710-35330_Bidders List
0710-35330_Addendum No. 1
0710-35330_Technical Specs
0710-35330_Plans and Drawings
0710-35330_Notice to Bidders
0710-35330_Notice of Award
0710-35330_Job Walk Sign-In Sheet
0710-35330_Front-End Pt.1
0710-35330_Front-End Pt. 2
Gym Floor Finish Product1920-35094none5/22/20202:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa ThibodeauxInformal Bid No. 1920-35094 Gym Floor FinishClosed532
Burroughs, Powers-Ginsburg and King Elementary Schools HVAC Replacement20-53Mandatory 9 am @ King ES, 10 am @ Burroughs ES, 11 am @ Powers-Ginsburg ES5/13/20202:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz6/17/202020-53_Notice of Completion
20-53_Front-End Pt 2
20-53_Job Walk Sign-In Sheet
20-53_Notice to Bidders
20-53_Subcontractors List
20-53_Technical Specs
20-53_Addendum 1
20-53_Bidders List
20-53_Board Approval 6-17-20
20-53_Front-End Pt 1
Installation of LED Lighting at Various Schools20-564/29/20 @ 9:00 am, in front of the Administration Office at Pyle Elementary School, 4140 North Augusta Street, Fresno, CA 937265/14/20202:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableToni Jorge20-56_Notice To Bidders
20-56_Plans and Specifications
20-56_Protest Procedure Letter.docx
20-56_Addendum No. 1
20-56_Bidders List
20-56_Front-End Pt 1
20-56_Front-End Pt 2
20-56_Job Walk Sign-In_Voluntary second job visit
Portable Classroom Infrastructure for Centennial, Eaton and Pyle Elementary Schools20-55Mandatory 4/23/20 @ 11 am, Eaton ES5/12/20203:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel6/10/2020Closed523
Portable Classroom Infrastructure for Ayer, Jackson, Lawless, Lincoln, Malloch Elementary Schools and Sunnyside High School20-54, Sections A & B Mandatory 4/23/20 @ 9 am, Sunnyside HS5/12/20201:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel6/10/2020Closed522
Addicott Elementary School Restroom Accessibility Improvements20-51Mandatory 4/16/20 @ 10 am, Addicott ES5/6/20203:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz20-51_Notice of CompletionClosed521
Hoover High School Portable Classroom Infrastructure20-50Mandatory 4/15/20 @ 10 am, Hoover HS5/6/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz6/17/2020Closed520
Case Management ServicesRFQ 20-45Monday, March 23, 2020 at 9:00 AM online4/6/20202:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableToni Jorge5/6/2020Closed518
Juan Felipe New Elementary School20-49Mandatory 3/17/20 @ 10:00am, Phoenix Secondary5/5/20202:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableE. Collins6/10/2020Closed517
Parking Lot Fence Additions at Kings Canyon Middle School1265-353333/11/20 @ 10 AM at Kings Canyon Middle School5/28/20203:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableToni JorgeClosed516
Sections A & B Scandinavian MS and Roosevelt HS Manufacture and Install New Marquee1395-351523/4/20 at Roosevelt High School, in front of the admin bldg3/19/20203:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableToni JorgeClosed514
Vinland Elementary School Parking Lot Expansion and Site Access Improvements20-46Mandatory 3/9/20 @ 10:30 am, Vinland ES5/7/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz6/17/2020Closed513
Computech Middle School Parking Lot Improvements and Infrastructure for Portable Classrooms20-48Mandatory 3/9/20 @ 1:30 pm, Computech MS5/7/20203:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel6/10/2020Closed512
Ewing Elementary School Parking Lot and Infrastructure for Early Learning Building **This project has been canceled**20-47Mandatory 3/9/20 @ 9 am, Ewing ESNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/6/2020Closed511
Edison High School Athletic Track Replacement20-373/3/20204/9/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableMarisa Thibodeaux6/10/2020Closed510
Playground Equipment Installation for Various Elementary Schools20-43February 27, 2020 10:00AM @ Figarden3/17/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/6/2020Closed509
Exterior Painting at Various School Sites20-42MANDATORY February 27, 2020 9:00am @ Ahwahnee M.S.4/15/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten6/10/2020Closed508
Scandinavian Middle School Gymnasium Make-Up Air Units Replacement20-41Mandatory 2/26/20 @ 10 am, Scandinavian MS03/12/20203:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel05/06/202020-41_Notice of Completion?Section A - 2:01 pmClosed507
Multipurpose Building HVAC Upgrades for Ericson, Gibson, Holland, Manchester, Powers-Ginsburg Elementary Schools, and Baird Middle School20-34, Sections A & BMandatory 2/27/20 @ 2 pm, Baird MS3/27/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/6/2020Closed506
Cooper and Fort Miller Middle Schools Electrical Upgrades20-40, Sections A & BMandatory 2/19/20 @ 10 am, Cooper MS 03/10/20201:00 PMAvailableAvailableAnn Loorz04/15/202020-40_Notice of CompletionClosed505
Security Guard Services20-31Mandatory - February 26, 2020 at 10am Purchasing Department3/13/20202:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten5/6/2020Closed504
Hoover and Sunnyside High Schools Shade Structures and Site Improvements20-36, Sections A & BMandatory 2/20/20 @ 10 am, Sunnyside HS3/12/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectToni Jorge4/15/2020Closed503
Playground Wood Chips for Elementary Schools20-32N/A3/3/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garica5/6/2020Closed502
Hydration Stations for Elementary Schools Multipurpose Rooms20-39, Sections A and BMandatory 2/20/20 @ 1 pm, Olmos ES4/14/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/10/202020-39_Notice of CompletionClosed501
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP)Informal Bid #20-01FSnone2/24/20203:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAngelina Orozco Closed500
Roosevelt High School Cafeteria Modernization20-30Mandatory 2/13/20 @ 2 pm, Roosevelt HS3/4/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel4/15/2020Closed499
Medication Benefit Enhancement Services20-24none4/3/20202:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableToni Jorge6/18/2020Closed498
Edison and Sunnyside High Schools Baseball and Softball Field Improvement **Bid Opening Postponed**20-29 Sections A & BMandatory 2/12/20 @ 10:00AM at Edison High School3/31/20202:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/6/2020Closed497
Internal Audit and Fraud Investigation Services20-23none3/2/20203:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAnn Loorz5/6/2020Closed496
Musical Instruments Repair and Service 20-26Mandatory 1/29/20 at 2:00 PM & 2/3/2020 at 4 P.M. 2/7/20202:01 PMNot AvailableAvailableBarbara Stewart 5/20/2020Closed495
Fresno and Roosevelt High Schools Track and Field Bleachers Improvements20-27Mandatory 1/28/20 @ 10:00am, Fresno HS2/12/20203:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel4/1/2020Closed494
Ahwahnee Middle School HVAC Replacement for Classroom Building20-25Mandatory 1/21/20 @ 3:30 pm, Ahwahnee MS02/11/20203:00 PMAvailableAvailableAnn Loorz04/01/202020-25_Notice of CompletionClosed493
McLane High School Library Modernization20-20Mandatory 1/9/2020 @ 10 am, McLane HS2/19/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz4/15/2020Closed492
Network Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE23002None1/17/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten2/26/2020Closed491
Plastic Roll Film for Food Service 20-22Mandatory 1/06/2020 at 2:30 PM 1/16/20203:01 PMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie 2/26/2020Closed490
Architecture/Engineer Services20-13none2/5/20202:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableMarisa Thibodeaux6/10/2020Closed489
Disposable Products for Food Service 20-21Mandatory 1/06/2020 at 1:30 PM 1/16/20202:01 PMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie2/12/2020Closed488
Professional Services- Construction Related Consulting Services 20-14none2/5/20202:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableMarisa Thibodeaux6/10/2020Closed487
Sunnyside High School Scoreboard Panel Additions1421-35064January 9, 2020 10:00 A.M. @ Sunnyside H.S.1/28/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableToni JorgeClosed486
Greenberg Elementary School Chiller Replacement1510-35065Mandatory 12/17/2019 @ 10 am, Greenberg ES1/9/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed485
Fresno High School Career Technical Education Building Construction20-19Mandatory 1/8/2020 @ 10 am, Fresno HS2/4/20202:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel4/1/2020Closed484
Disposable Meal Trays20-17Mandatory, 12/10 or 12/16@9AM, Purchasing Dept.1/6/20203:30 PMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie1/29/2020Closed483
Fresh Bread Products20-16Mandatory 12/10/2019 @ 11AM, Purchasing Dept.12/19/20193:30 PMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie1/29/2020Closed482
Central Ring for Wide Area Network ServicesE23001Mandatory 12/6/2019 at 9:00am1/10/20203:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten3/4/2020Closed481
King Elementary School Parking Lot Lighting Improvements1260-35100Mandatory 11/19/2019 @ 1 pm, King ES12/5/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed480
Viking Elementary School Portable Classrooms and Restroom Infrastructure20-15Mandatory 11/19/19 @ 10 am, Viking ES12/19/20192:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel1/29/2020Closed479
Phoenix Academy Elementary School HVAC Package Units Replacement1098-35052Mandatory 11/13/2019 @ 10 am, Phoenix Academy ES11/26/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed478
Health & Wellness Services 20-08Mandatory 11/8/19 at 9:00am, Purchasing Department12/5/20193:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz1/29/2020Closed477
Chiller Installation for Tuner Elementary School1460-35050MANDATORY 11/5/19 10:00AM at Turner E.S.11/20/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed475
Ericson Elementary School Early Learning Building Construction and Interim Housing Infrastructure20-11MANDATORY 10/24/19, 2:00PM at Ericson Elementary School11/19/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/18/2019Closed474
Cambridge High School Student Services and Administration Office Improvements20-10MANDATORY, 10/17/19, 10:00AM at Cambridge High School11/07/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/11/201920-10_Notice of CompletionClosed473
Aynesworth Elementary School Multipurpose Room Infrastructure Improvements1025-35033MANDATORY 10/24/19, 10:00AM at Aynesworth Elementary School11/21/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed472
Pyle Elementary School Playground Equipment Installation1370-35104MANDATORY 10/22/19, 1:00PM at Plye Elementary School11/5/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed471
High School Security Camera Assessment Consultant20-0910/9/2019 at 9am10/17/20193:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten1/29/2020Closed470
Ahwahnee Middle School Interior Lighting Upgrade20-04MANDATORY, Sept. 17, 2019 10:00am 10/3/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel11/6/2019Closed469
Ventura & 10th - Old Juvenile Hall Demolition and Remediation, Ph.220-03Mandatory 8/13/19 @ 9 am, Ventura & 10th - Old Juvenile Hall9/4/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins10/2/2019Closed468
Cesar Chavez Adult School Elevator Modernization0705-32004Mandatory 8/6/19 @ 10 am, Cesar Chavez Adult School8/15/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed467
Hydration Station Installation for Various Elementary Schools0919-32584Mandatory 8/1/19 @ 10 am, Lawless ES8/13/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed466
McLane and Roosevelt High Schools Ballfield Scorebarods Installation Rebid20-02Mandatory 7/25/19, 10:00AM at McLane HS8/8/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel9/4/2019Closed465
Charter Services20-017/9/2019 at 10am7/19/20192:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten9/4/2019Closed464
Musical InstrumentsRFP 19-24none6/7/20192:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux8/7/2019Closed463
Leavenworth Elementary School Chiller Replacement1305-32155Mandatory 5/23/19 @ 9 am, Leavenworth ES6/4/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed462
Starr Elementary School Classroom and Site Work Improvements Phase I1422-32463Mandatory 5/13/19 @ 10 am, Starr ES5/23/20192:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectSarah GarciaClosed461
Vinland Elementary School Parking Lot Offsite Improvements1470-32193Mandatory 4/30/19 @ 9am, Vinland E.S.5/15/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed460
Duncan Polytechnical High School Ag Farm Demolition1130-32074Mandatory 5/1/19 @ 9 am, 3734 N. Sierra Vista Ave, Fresno, CA 937215/10/201911:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed459
Renovations at Fresno City College for Design Science High School19-56Mandatory 5/2/19 @ 3pm at Fresno City College5/16/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/12/2019Closed458
Mechanical Improvements for Various Schools19-51Mandatory 4/23/19 @ 3pm at Tehipite MS5/8/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/12/2019Closed457
Energy Management Controls Upgrades for Various Schools19-52Mandatory 4/24/19 @ 3pm at Bullard Talent MS5/14/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/12/2019Closed456
Phoenix Secondary Academy Portable Infrastructure and Site Development19-55Mandatory 4/24/19 @ 10 am, Phoenix Secondary Academy05/15/20192:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins06/12/201919-55_Notice of CompletionClosed455
Bullard High School Student Support Office Improvements19-53Mandatory 4/23/19 @ 10:30 am, Bullard HS5/9/20192:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins8/7/2019Closed454
Aynesworth and Eaton Elementary Schools Playground Equipment Installation1025-32301Mandatory 4/12/19 @ 9 am, Eaton ES5/2/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed453
Portable Classroom Relocation and Infrastructure for Various Schools19-50 Sections A and BMandatory 4/10/19 @ 10:30am at Phoenix Academy ES4/30/20193:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel5/29/2019Closed452
Calwa and King Elementary Schools Portable Classroom Infrastructure19-49Mandatory 4/10/19 @ 9am at King ES4/25/20192:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/29/2019Closed451
Bullard Talent Site and Security Improvements19-54Mandatory 4/9/19 @ 10 am, Bullard Talent School4/30/20192:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins5/29/2019Closed450
McLane HS Installation of Stadium Turf and Infrastructure for Portables19-29Marach 6, 2019, 10AM@McLane HS3/26/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/1/2019Closed449
Pyle Elementary School Portable Restroom Relocation and Infrastructure19-47Mandatory 3/28/19 @ 10:30 am, Pyle ES4/11/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/15/2019Closed448
Baird Middle School Ag Science Improvements Phase 21030-32245Mandatory 3/28/19 @ 10 am, Baird ES4/10/201911:00 AMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed447
Dailey Elementary Charter School Mechanical Improvements0110-32042Mandatory 3/28/19 @ 10 am, Dailey ES4/12/201911:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed446
Dailey Elementary Charter School Lighting Improvements0110-32041 Mandatory 3/28/19 @ 9 am, Dailey ES4/12/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed445
Wawona K-8 School Classroom and Restroom Additions19-41Mandatory, 3/28/19, 9:00AM at Wawona5/7/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/29/201919-41_Notice of CompletionClosed444
Ventura & 10th - Old Juvenile Hall Demolition, Ph.119-46Mandatory 3/27/19 @ 9 am, Ventura and 10th St.5/2/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/29/2019Closed443
Lighting Improvements at Various Schools Ph. 319-42Mandatory 3/26/19 @ 10 am, Bullard Talent K-84/10/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/29/2019Closed442
Installation of District Video Security System at Elementary Schools - Phase 4A & 4B19-40Mandatory 3/26/19 @ 9 am, Bullard Talent K-84/12/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/15/2019Closed441
Easterby and Kratt Elementary Schools Playcourt and Parking Lot Rehabilitations19-44, Section A and BMandatory 3/22/19 @ 10 am, Easterby ES4/9/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/29/2019Closed440
Fresno High School Gymnasium Locker Installation19-43Mandatory 3/22/19 @ 10am at Fresno HS4/9/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/15/2019Closed439
McLane and Roosevelt High Schools Installation of Ballfield Scoreboards1335-32156Mandatory 3/19/19 @ 10 am, Roosevelt HS3/28/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed438
Edison High School Gymnasium Floor Replacement19-38Mandatory 3/21/19 @ 10 am, Edison HS4/5/201911:00 AMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/15/2019Closed437
Kings Canyon and Tehipite Middle Schools Gymnasium Bleacher Installation19-39 Sections A & BMandatory 3/19/19 @ 9 am at Kings Canyon MS4/2/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/29/2019Closed436
Public Address Intercom Equipment and Video Security Monitoring Equipment19-37, Section A and Bnone3/25/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/1/2019Closed435
Fresno High School Gymnasium Thermoplastic PVC Re-Roof19-34Mandatory 3/13/19 @ 9 am, Fresno HS3/27/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/1/2019Closed434
Fresno High School Locker Room and Weight Room HVAC Improvements19-36Mandatory 3/13/19 @ 10am; and 3/19/19 at 1:00PM at Fresno HS3/27/20193:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/1/2019Closed433
Kings Canyon Middle School Classroom Wing Irrigation Improvements1265-32329Mandatory 3/26/19 @ 9am at Kings Canyon MS4/3/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed432
Baird Middle School Ag Science Improvements1060-32060Mandatory 3/12/19 @ 10 am, Fremont ES3/22/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed431
Installation of District Video Security System at Elementary Schools - Phase 3B19-32Mandatory 3/12/19 @ 10 am, Fremont ES3/21/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/1/2019Closed430
Sunnyside High School Stadium Scoreboard Replacement19-33Mandatory 3/14/19 @ 10 am, Sunnyside HS4/1/201911:00 AMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/15/2019Closed429
Lighting Improvements at Various Schools19-31, A-CMandatory 3/5/2019 @ 3 pm, Kings Canyon MS3/20/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/1/2019Closed427
Wolters Elementary School Heat Pump Replacement1500-32040Mandatory 2/19/19 @ 2pm at Wolters ES2/26/20192:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy EsquivelClosed426
Roosevelt High School Weight Room Flooring Installation1395-32241Mandatory 2/27/19 @ 10:00AM3/6/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed425
Gym Floor Finish19-19none3/1/20192:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux5/1/2019Closed424
Installation of District Video Security System at Elementary Schools - Phase 3A19-28Mandatory 2/20/19 @ 10 am, Kratt E.S.3/5/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins4/10/2019Closed423
Legal Services19-30none3/8/20194:30 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableDavid ChavezClosed422
Bullard High School Weight Room Flooring Installation1055-32242Mandatory 2/20/19 @ 10:00AM2/27/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel?Fresno Unified School District Legal Services RFP 19-30.pdfClosed421
Boiler Replacement for Various Schools 19-26 Sections A & BMandatory 2/14/19, 9:00AM @ Cooper MS2/28/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/10/2019Closed420
Sunnyside High School Weight Room Flooring Installation1421-32243Mandatory 2/13/19 at 10:00AM2/20/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed419
Exterior Painting for Various Schools19-27 / Sections A thru DMandatory 2/13/2019 @ 10:00 AM, Terronez2/26/201910:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins4/10/2019Closed418
CNG School Busses19-25none2/15/20192:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten4/3/2019Closed417
Yosemite Middle School and Duncan High School Gymnasium Bleacher Installation19-23 Sections A & BMandatory 1/29/19 @ 10am at Yosemite MS 2/14/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/20/2019Closed416
HVAC Multipurpose Room Improvements for Various Schools19-20 Sections A & BMandatory 1/23/19 @ 9:00AM at Vinland2/7/20192:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy3/20/2019Closed415
Network Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE22001none2/21/20192:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten4/3/2019Closed414
Fremont Elementary School and Baird Middle School Boiler and Chiller Replacement19-21Mandatory 1/15/19 @ 10:00AM at Fremont1/24/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel2/27/2019Closed413
Installation of Exterior Lighting for Various Middle Schools19-13Mandatory 12/18/18, 10AM @ Ahwahnee M.S.1/8/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia2/13/2019Closed412
Installation of District Video Security System at Elementary Schools - Phase 2B19-18Mandatory 12/11/18, 10AM @ Addams E.S.1/9/20192:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins2/13/2019Closed411
Installation of District Video Security System at Elementary Schools - Phase 2A19-17Mandatory 12/4/2018, 10AM, @ Malloch E.S.12/18/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins1/30/2019Closed410
Wishon Elementary School Boiler and Chiller Replacement19-14Mandatory 11/27/18, 10AM @ Wishon ES12/11/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel1/30/2019Closed409
Fresh Produce19-09none11/9/201811:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie12/12/2018Closed408
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program 19-08none11/9/201810:30 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie12/12/2018Closed407
Foam Roof Recoating for Education Center1961-32101Mandatory 11/6/18, 2:00PM @ Ed Center12/4/20183:30 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed406
Edison High School Weight Room Flooring Installation1145-32120Mandatory 11/01/18, 10AM @ Edison HS11/8/20183:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed405
Brawley Service Center Parking Lot Improvements19-12Mandatory 10/29/18 @ 10AM, Purchasing Dept11/8/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/12/2018Closed404
McLane HS Construction of New Aquatic Center19-10Mandatory 10/30/18,10AM @ McLane HS Pool Complex11/29/201812:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins1/16/2019Closed403
Installation of Parking Lot Lighting at Various Schools19-11Mandatory 10/30/18,10AM @ Bullard Talent11/7/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins12/12/2018Closed402
Fresno High School Weight Room Flooring Installation1185-32121Mandatory 10/25/18, 10AM @ Fresno HS11/1/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed401
Plumbing Supplies19-01none11/30/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia2/13/2019Closed400
Solid Waste Disposal and Recycling Service19-0710/16/2018 @ 11:00am10/30/20182:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten1/16/2019Closed399
Scandinavian Middle School Gymnasium Bleacher Replacement1415-32021Mandatory 10/4/2018 @ 10 am, Scandinavian MS10/16/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed398
Vinland Elementary School Playground Equipment Installation1470-32093Mandatory 10/3/2018 @ 10 am, Vinland ES10/11/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed397
Installation of District Video Security Systems at Elementary Schools - Phase 1B19-06Mandatory 9/19/2018 @ 10 am, Starr E.S.9/27/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins11/14/2018Closed396
Installation of District Video Security Systems at Elementary Schools - Phase 1A19-05Mandatory 9/11/2018 @ 10 am, Aynesworth E.S.9/18/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins10/17/2018Closed395
Exterior Painting- Section A: Brawley Serv Ctr_Section B: Ctr Prof Dev1722-32001Mandatory 8/15/18, 9:00AM, Purchasing Department8/23/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins9/10/2018Closed394
Kings Canyon MS Baseball Field and Softball Field Improv. Rebid19-03Mandatory: Kings Canyon MS 8/9/18 @ 10AM8/16/20182:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins9/19/2018Closed393
Lane Elementary School Playground Equipment Installation0880-32007Mandatory 8/10/2018 @ 10 am, Lane ES8/21/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed392
Grocery Delivery ServicesRFP 19-04none8/15/20183:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz9/19/2018Closed391
Realtor/Broker Services18-45none5/30/20184:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz6/13/2018?RFP 19-04 FINAL Grocery Delivery Services.pdfClosed389
Security Cameras and Digital Video Recorders EquipmentRFP 18-43none5/22/20183:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins6/13/2018Closed388
Fresno High School Gymnasium HVAC Improvements18-39Mandatory 5/3/2018 @ 10 am, Fresno HS5/16/201812:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/13/2018Closed387
McLane HS Quad Improvements18-42Mandatory 11AM May 2 and May 7 @ McLane, 2727 N. Cedar Ave.5/16/20183:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/13/2018Closed386
McLane and Roosevelt Athletic Fields Improvements18-41 Sections A, BMandatory 9AM May 2 and May 7 @ Roosevelt HS 4250 E Tulare5/17/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/13/2018Closed385
Bullard HS North Parking Lot Asphalt Reconstruction18-40Mandatory 10AM, May 3, 2018 @ Bullard HS 5445 N Palm Ave. 5/15/20183:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/13/2018Closed384
Tehipite MS Lighting Retrofit Installation1440-29228Mandatory 4/30/18 10:00am @ Tehipite5/15/20182:30 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed383
Fort Miller Middle School Gymnasium Make-up Air Unit Replacement Rebid18-33RMandatory 5/1/2018 @ 10 am, Fort Miller MS5/9/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/13/2018Closed382
Wawona MS Installation of Sinks in Wings A and B1475-29240Mandatory 3:30 PM, April 26, 2018 @ Wawona MS5/15/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/11/2018Closed381
Addicott, Columbia, Kirk, Robinson, Thomas, and Vang Pao Elementary Schools Portable Classrooms Relocation and Infrastructure18-38Mandatory 4/25/2018 @ 8:30 am, Phoenix Secondary School5/8/20182:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/30/2018Closed380
Student Mentoring Services18-34none4/20/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAnn Loorz6/13/2018Closed379
Kings Canyon M.S. Baseball Field and Softball Field Improvements18-36Bids Rejected - will re-bid summer 20184/25/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia8/8/2018Closed378
Terronez MS Playcort & Parking Lot Asphalt Rehabilitation Project18-37Mandatory April 17, 9AM or April 25, 10AM @ Terronez MS5/14/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/30/2018Closed377
Tehipite and Yosemite M.S. Demolition of Existing Lockers and Installation of New Lockers18-35 A, BMandatory 4/12/18 @ 10am at Tehipite 4/24/20181:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/23/2018Closed376
Fort Miller Middle School Gymnasium Make-up Air Unit Replacement18-33Mandatory 4/3/2018 @ 10am, Fort Miller MS4/13/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/9/2018Closed375
Storey and Viking Elementary Schools, Tioga Middle School Boilers and Chiller Replacement18-31Mandatory 3/22/2018 @ 9 am, Tioga MS4/11/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/9/2018Closed374
Underwriter Services18-32none3/29/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAnn Loorz5/9/2018Closed373
Heaton Elementary School and Fresno High School Energy Management System Replacement18-29Mandatory 3/20/18, 1:00PM at Fresno High School3/29/20183:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/25/2018Closed372
Fremont Elementary School and Edison Computech Middle School Multipurpose Rooms HVAC Improvements18-28Mandatory 3/20/18, 9:00 AM at Fremont Elementary School4/18/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/23/2018Closed370
Williams ES Exterior Lighting Retrofit Installation1550-29200Mandatory 3/15/2018 @ 10 am, Williams ES3/29/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed369
Hoover High School Electrical Infrastructure Improvements18-30Mandatory 3/14/2018 @ 10 am, Hoover HS4/12/20182:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins5/23/2018Closed368
Kings Canyon CTE Video Classroom Remodel0710-29467Mandatory 3/8/18, 3:30 PM @ Kings Canyon MS3/28/20183:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collns4/9/2018Closed367
Balderas, Centennial, Leavenworth Elementary Schools, and Edison High School Portable Classrooms Relocation and Infrastructure18-26Mandatory 3/6/2018 @ 9 am, Phoenix Secondary School3/22/20182:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel4/25/2018Closed366
Water Conservation and Irrigation Improvements at Various Schools18-24Mandatory 3/7/18 at 9:00AM at Kratt3/27/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/9/2018Closed364
Roosevelt High School Construction of New Aquatic Center18-25Mandatory 3/6/2018 @ 10 am, Roosevelt HS3/20/20182:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins4/25/2018Closed363
Wawona ES Classroom Improvements at Wings A and B1475-29194Mandatory, 2/27/2018, 3:00 PM @ Wawona Middle School3/7/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed362
Exterior Painting at Various School Sites18-23 /Sections A thru CMandatory 02/14/18 @ 10am at Figarden Elementary2/27/201810:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins4/11/2018Closed361
Rata High School Modernization18-22Mandatory 02/15/18 @ 3pm at Rata High School3/6/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins3/26/2018Closed360
McLane HS and Roosevelt HS Abate_Demo of Pool Facilities1335-29124 Mandatory 2/7/18, 10AM @ Roosevelt HS2/14/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins2/26/2018Closed359
Copy Paper18-19none2/8/201812:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux3/21/2018Closed358
Point to Point Connection Services Dark Fiber and Lit Fiber OptionsE21001none2/23/20182:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/7/2018Closed357
Wilson Elementary School Playground Equipment Installation1485-29032Mandatory 02/01/18 @ 3pm at Wilson Elementary2/14/20183:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed356
Sunnyside High School Irrigation Improvements18-21Mandatory 2/01/18 @ 10am at Sunnyside HS2/14/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia3/21/2018Closed355
Network Equipment for Internal WAN ConnectionsE21002none2/21/20182:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/7/2018Closed354
Calwa, Fremont, Jefferson, Thomas and Yokomi Elementary Schools Marquee Signs Installation 1919-291081/30/20182/8/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed353
Sunnyside High School Irrigation Booster Pump Station for Landscaped Areas and Turf18-18N/A1/26/20182:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah Garcia2/21/2018Closed352
Gaston Middle School Portable Classroom Relocation and Infrastructure18-20Mandatory 1/16/2018 @ 3 pm, Gaston MS2/1/20182:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel3/7/2018Closed351
Kings Canyon Middle School Underground Piping Replacement18-16Mandatory 1/17/2018 @ 10 am, Kings Canyon MS1/31/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/7/2018Closed350
Installation of Exterior Lighting Upgrades at Various Schools18-17Mandatory - 12/20/17 @10AM at Del Mar in front of Admin Office1/17/20182:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia2/21/2018Closed349
Addams Elementary School Portable Relocation and Infrastructure18-14Mandatory 12/13/2017 @ 10 am, Addams ES12/19/20173:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel1/24/2018Closed348
Bullard High School Landscape Improvements1055-29062Mandatory 12/7/2017 @ 10 am, Bullard HS12/19/20172:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed347
Figarden E.S. Temporary Power for Interim Housing1160-29102MANDATORY Dec. 5, 2017 @ 10AM, Figarden12/18/20172:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableSarah GarciaClosed346
Service Center Security Camera Installation 1900-26085Mandatory 11/29/17 @ 10am at Purchasing Dept12/20/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed345
Slater Interim Adimistration Building Modifictions1420-29099Mandatory 11/28/2017, 2:00PM, Slater 4472 N. Emerson Ave.12/7/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed344
Wawona Site Accessibility Improvements for Restroom Portable Relocation Project1475-29026Mandatory 11/28/2017, 3:30PM, Wawona 4524 N. Thorne Ave12/12/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed343
Duncan Polytechnical High School Career Technical Education Classroom Building Construction and Alteration to Existing Shop Building18-13Mandatory 11/28/17 at 10:00 AM at Duncan HS12/20/20173:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel1/24/2018Closed342
Bullard High School Turn Lane Construction1055-29055Mandatory 11/29/17 @ 10am at Bullard HS12/5/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed341
Portable Building Demolition and Restoration at Robinson Elementary School1380-29048Mandatory 10/26/17, 10:0011/1/20172:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableAmy EsquivelClosed340
Construction of New Classroom Building #100 for Figarden E.S.18-10Mandatory 10/19/2017 @3:00 PM, Figarden E.S. Admn. Office11/9/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins12/13/2017Closed339
Construction of Classroom Buildings and Modernization of Administration Building for Slater E.S.18-09Mandatory 10/17/2017 @ 3:00 P.M., Slater E.S. Admn. Office11/2/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins12/13/2017Closed338
Classroom Modifications for Bullard High School CTE1055-29026Mandatory 10/10/17 @ 10am at Bullard HS10/19/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed337
HVAC Improvements for the Multipurpose Rooms for Pyle Elementary, Fort Miller and Yosemite Middle Schools18-08Mandatory 10/12/2017 @ 10 am, Yosemite MS10/25/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel11/15/2017Closed336
Playground Equipment Installation at Columbia, Edison-Bethune, Jefferson, Kirk, Lane, and Storey Elementary Schools18-06Mandatory 9/28/2017 @ 9 am, Columbia ES10/17/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/13/2017Closed335
Ed Center Cooling Tower Replacement18-07Mandatory 9/21/2017 @ 10 am, Ed Center10/10/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel11/8/2017Closed334
McLane High School Bioretention Basin Project18-059/14/17 @ 10am at McLane High10/3/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia12/13/2017Closed333
Adult Transistion Program (ATP) Modernization Project18-02Mandatory Sept. 7, 2017, 2:30pm, ATP School- 3132 E. Fairmont Ave.9/26/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins10/25/2017Closed332
USDA Commodity Processed Food Products 17-35none7/18/201711:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie 9/27/2017Closed331
RFP Security Cameras and DVRs Equipment17-44Sept. 8, 2017, 9:00 AM, Purchasing Dept. 4498 N. Brawley Ave.10/11/20173:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins10/25/2017Click here to view RFP 17-35 Tabulation Sheet - Recommendation of AwardClosed330
Kings Canyon Middle School Boiler Replacement1265-29011Mandatory 8/31/2017 @ 10 am, Kings Canyon MS9/14/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed329
Dailey Elementary Charter School Playground Equipment Installation1110-29000Mandatory 8/8/17, 10:00AM at Dailey8/17/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Closed328
Installation of District Marquee Signs at Various Elementary Sites1919-26058Mandatory July 26, 2017 @ 9AM, Manchester Gate E.S.8/1/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins8/4/2017Closed327
Edison and Roosevelt High School Tennis Courts Improvements Re-Bid17-27RMandatory 7/13/2017 @ 9am, Edison HS7/25/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel8/23/2017Closed326
Wide Area Network Services Dark Fiber and Lit Fiber OptionsE20005Friday July 14th, 9:00am8/15/20172:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten8/23/2017Closed325
Wawona M.S. Portable Restroom Infrastructure Site Work Re-bid1475-26003RMandatory 9:00 AM, June 27 @ Wawona M.S.7/5/20172:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins7/5/2017Closed324
Sunnyside High School Practive Gym Floor Refinish1421-26069Mandatory 6/27/17 @ 10:00 AM at Sunnyside High School7/6/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed323
Installation of Eye Wash or Body Shower in Various Campus Classrooms0635-26001Mandatory @ 9:00 AM on 6/26/17: Tioga M.S. 3232 E. Fairmont6/30/201711:35 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward CollinsClosed322
Heat Exchanger Replacement at Four Elementary Schools1919-26068Mandatory 6/22/2017 @ 9:00 am, Heaton ES6/29/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed321
Wawona Middle School Playground Equipment Installation1475-26008Mandatory 6/21 or 6/28@ 10am, Wawona MS7/6/20173:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed320
Sunnyside HS Digital Photography and Video Production Classrroms Modifications0710-26431Section H Bid Opening 6/19, Mandatory 6/7/17 @ 3:00 PM at Sunnyside High School6/14/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/22/2017Closed319
Installation of Hydration Stations at 13 Middle Schools0919-52541Mandatory 6/1/17 @ 9:00 AM at Ahwahnee Middle School6/7/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed318
Burroughs and Columbia Elementary School Heat Pump Replacement1095-26055Mandatory 6/1/2017 @ 2 pm, Burroughs ES6/8/20173:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed317
Wawona Middle School Portable Restroom Relocation and Infrastructure1475-26003Mandatory 6/1/2017 @ 10 am, Wawona MS6/13/20172:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed316
Scandinavian Middle School Locker Room Built-Up Re-Roof CANCELLED1415-26031BID CANCELED; REFER TO ADDENDUM No.4 7/11/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed315
Adult Transition Program Portable Classroom Relocation17-42Mandatory 5/9/2017 @ 10 am, Adult Transition Program5/25/20172:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins6/14/2017Closed314
2017 Summer Portable Relocation and Infrastructure17-39Mandatory 5/10/2017 @ 10am, Roeding ES5/25/20172:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel6/14/2017Closed313
Computech Middle School Career Technical Education Lab Upgrade0710-26367Mandatory 05/04/17, 10:00 AM at Computech Middle School 5/23/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed312
Ahwahnee MS and Duncan HS Existing Lockers Demolition and Installation fo New Lockers17-38 Sections A & BMandatory 05/04/17, 3:00 PM at Duncan High School5/17/20173:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/14/2017Closed311
Student Mentoring Services17-33none5/12/20173:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz6/14/2017Closed310
Kindergarten Restroom Additions and Existing Staff Restroom Upgrades at 7 Campuses17-36 Sections A & BBID CANCELLED5/16/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/14/2017Closed309
Expansion of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Facility Row 317-32Mandatory 5/3/2017 @ 10am, Purchasing Dept5/17/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/14/2017Closed308
Slater ES 3 New Classroom Buildings and Administration Buildings Remodel17-37BID CANCELED; REFER TO ADDENDUM No.35/18/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/14/2017Closed307
Installation of Exterior Lighting Upgrade at Various Sites17-26 Sections A-DMANDATORY, 4/20/17, 10:00 AM at Sunset Elementary School5/2/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia6/14/2017Closed306
Financial Advisory Services17-31none4/21/20173:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz5/31/2017Closed305
Edison and Roosevelt High School Tennis Courts Improvements17-27Mandatory 4/19/2017 @ 9:00 AM, Edison HS5/18/20172:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel6/14/2017Closed304
Design Science High School Portable Campus Addition17-30Mandatory 4/12/2017 @ 1:00 PM, Patino School of Entrepreneurship5/9/20172:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/31/2017Closed303
Center for Professional Development Parking Lot Improvements17-29Mandatory 4/12/2017 @ 10 AM, Center for Professional Development4/25/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/31/2017Closed302
Asphalt Shingle Re-Roof for Locker and Multipurpose Rooms at 3 Campuses17-28 Sections A-CMANDATORY, 4/6/17, 1:30 PM at Heaton Elementary School4/27/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia5/31/2017Closed301
U.S. Communities Cleaning Supplies, Equiptment and Cusodial Related Products, Services and Solutions17-214/11/20175/2/20172:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux8/2/2017Closed300
Slater Elementary School Infrastructure for Interim Housing17-25MANDATORY, 3/30/17, 2:00 PM at Slater Elementary School4/19/20172:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/31/2017Closed299
Bank Services17-19none4/7/20173:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAnn Loorz6/14/2017Closed298
Centennial, Del Mar, Roeding ES Chiller Replacements17-2403/30/17, 10:00 AM at Del Mar Elementary School4/19/201711:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/31/2017Closed297
2017 Exterior Painting at 16 Campuses17-23 Sections A-H4/10/17, 10:00 AM, Forkner Elementary School4/18/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/31/2017Closed296
Patino School of Enterpreneurship Foreign Language Classroom Remodel1125-26018MANDATORY 3/9/2017 @ 10AM, Patino School3/28/20172:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed295
Wood Chips for Playgrounds17-18none1/31/20172:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableSarah Garcia3/8/2017Closed294
Hoover High School Cooling Tower Replacement17-17Mandatory 1/12/2017 @ 10 am, Hoover HS1/25/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel2/22/2017Closed293
Fire Alarm Integration to Ansul System at 11 Schools1910-26075MANDATORY 1/4/17 @ 10 AM, AHWAHNEE1/26/20172:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed292
Configuration Support for Network Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE20004none2/3/20172:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten4/19/2017Closed291
Network Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE20003none2/3/20172:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten4/19/2017Closed290
Terronez Middle School Gymnasium Make-up Air Unit Replacement17-13MANDATORY 12/21/16 @ 10 am, Terronez MS1/11/20172:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins2/22/2017Closed289
Fresno High School - Royce Hall Acoustical Improvements & Remodel17-14MANDATORY 12/1/2016 @ 10 AM, Fresno High School12/22/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins3/22/2017Closed288
Installation of Marquee Signs at 7 Sites1919-26027MANDATORY - 11/15/16 @ 10AM, Lincoln Elementary11/22/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed287
Sunset Elementary School Chiller Replacement1435-26015MANDATORY 11/17/16 @ 10 AM, Sunset ES12/6/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed286
PG&E Primary Service Relocation at Bullard High School0912-26030MANDATORY 11/3/2016 @ 10 am, Bullard HS11/9/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed285
Wide Area Network (WAN) ServicesE20002MANDATORY - Thursday November 3rd, 2016 @ 9:00am - Added Monday November 21st, 2016 @ 10:00am2/3/20172:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten4/19/2017Closed284
Wide Area Network (WAN) Services - Dark Fiber and LIt Fiber OptionsE20001MANDATORY - Thursday November 3rd, 2016 @ 9:00am - Added Monday November 21st, 2016 @ 10:00am2/3/20172:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten4/19/2017Closed283
Yosemite M.S. Multipurpose Room Tile Floor Abatment and Refinish17-10MANDATORY - 10/18/16 @ 2 PM, Yosemite11/1/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed282
Playground Equipment Installation at 4 Elementary Schools17-09MANDATORY 10/18/2016 @ 10 AM, Wilson ES10/27/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/14/2016Closed281
Document Capture and Management System17-06none11/3/20162:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableToni JorgeClosed280
Hamilton K-8 School Gym Bleacher Installation1208-26007MANDATORY 10/4/16 @ 10 AM, Hamilton10/11/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed279
External Audit Services17-08none10/31/20163:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAnn Loorz12/14/2016Closed278
Sunnyside High School Tennis Court Resurfacing1421-26004MANDATORY 9/29/2016 @ 10 AM, Sunnyside HS10/7/201610:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed276
Installation of Safety Fencing for Baseball and Softball Dugouts17-079/20/16 @ 10:00 AM9/29/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia11/9/2016Closed275
Professional Services- Construction Related Consulting Services17-05none9/14/20162:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins10/26/2016Closed274
RFQ Architectural_Engineering Services17-04none9/13/20162:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins10/26/2016Closed273
Refrigerated Delivery Truck17-03none8/26/201610:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten9/28/2016Closed272
Installation of Safety Fencing for Baseball and Softball Dugouts0919-52082Mandatory 8/09/16, 10:00 AM at Sunnyside High School, meet in front of Baseball Diamond8/30/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed271
Design and Printing Services for Building Futures Newspaper17-01N/A7/21/201612:00 PMAvailableAvailableAnn Loorz8/24/2016Closed270
Bullard High School Gas Line Replacement1055-23067MANDATORY 7/6/2016 @ 10 am, North Parking Lot at Music Building at Bullard HS7/14/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed269
Duncan Polytechnical High School Lab Remodel1130-23120MANDATORY 6/23/16 at Duncan HS6/30/20162:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed268
Installation of Transporation Auto/Bus Shop Inground Lift0919-46495Mandatory - June 9, 2016 @ 10AM Purchasing Department6/16/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed267
Patino School of Entrepreneurship Chemistry Lab Remodel1125-23163MANDATORY 6/8/16, 8 AM @ Patino School6/21/20162:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed266
Heaton Play Court Asphalt Rehabilitation1210-23057Mandatory May 23, 2016 @ 10:00 A.M. at Heaton Elementary School6/6/20162:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed265
Ft. Miller Middle School Teaching Wall Modifications1170-23104Mandatory May 24, 2016 @ 3:00 P.M. at Ft. Miller Middle School6/7/20162:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEd CollinsClosed264
Robinson E.S. Intrusion Detection System1380-23105Mandatory 9:00 AM, May 18, 2016 @ Robinson E.S. 6/15/20162:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEd CollinsClosed263
School Based Health Care Provider Services16-34N/A6/10/20163:00 PMAvailableAvailableAnn Loorz8/10/2016Closed262
Plastic Film for Food Services Nutrition Center 16-16none5/10/201610:30 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie 6/15/2016Closed261
Terronez Irrigation Improvements1423-46330Mandatory May 12, 2016, 10:00 AM @ Terronez MS5/19/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed260
Installation of Hydration Stations at Various Sites0919-46433Mandatory 4/28/16, 10:00 AM @ Sunnyside High School5/9/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed259
2016 Portable Classroom Relocation and Infrastructure Project16-32MANDATORY 5/11/16, 9:00 AM @ Adult Transition Program Site5/24/20162:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins6/15/2016Closed258
Figarden E.S Classroom Buildings Addtions Rebid16-13RMandatory, April 21, 2016, 3:30 p.m., Figarden E.S.5/10/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/1/2016Closed257
Materials for Exterior Lighting Upgrade at Various Sites16-29N/A5/6/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia6/1/2016Closed256
Installation of Exterior Lighting at Various Sites16-30Mandatory 4/26/16, 9:00 AM, at Tenaya Middle School5/11/201610:00 AMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia6/1/2016Closed255
Lighting and Fixture Supplies16-07N/A5/3/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia6/15/2016Closed254
Pest Control Services16-33Tuesday April 19, 2016 @ 10:00am4/29/20162:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten6/15/2016Closed253
Workers' Comp Software16-20none5/5/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableToni Jorge12/14/2016Closed252
Pupil Transportation Services - Special Education Programs16-24Wednesday April 13th @ 10:00am4/27/201612:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten8/10/2016Closed251
Turner Elementary School New Classroom and Administration Buildings16-31Mandatory April 26, 2016, @ 3:00 P.M. at Turner E.S. (refer to Addendum No. 2 for bid date changes)5/12/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/1/2016Closed250
Musical Instruments16-15none4/5/20162:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa ThibodeauxClosed249
Manchester GATE Elementary School Chiller Replacement1195-23053Mandatory 3/24/16 @ 10:00 AM, Manchester GATE4/5/201610:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed248
Epson Projector Uninstall/Install16-263/29/16 @ 11:00am4/6/20162:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten5/11/2016Closed247
Water Conservation and Irrigation Improvements at Various Shools16-28MANDATORY 3/23/16 10:00AM at Roeding4/12/20161:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel5/25/2016Closed246
McLane High School Gymnasium New Cooling System16-27MANDATORY 3/30/16 @ 10 AM, Mclane HS4/12/201610:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/25/2016Closed245
Exterior Painting of Various School Sites16-25Mandatory March 21, 2016, 9:00 AM at Calwa E.S.4/7/20168:30 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/1/2016Closed244
Roosevelt High School Gymnasium New Cooling System16-23MANDATORY 3/17/2016 @ 10:00 AM, Roosevelt HS South Parking Lot3/29/201610:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/11/2016Closed243
Education Center Elevator Upgrade16-223/10/16, 10:00 AM, at Education Center, meet in front of admin building3/28/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia4/27/2016Closed242
Prevention and Intervention Asphalt Rehabilitation1810-23032MANDATORY 3/8/16 @ 10:00 A.M., Prevention and Intervention3/15/201610:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed241
Duncan High School Gymnasium Cooling Addition16-21MANDATORY, 3/9/16 @ 10:00 A.M., Duncan HS3/22/201610:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2016Closed240
CNG Fueling Conversion 2016 Row 216-18Mandatory 2/24/16 @ 10:00 A.M.3/10/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/13/2016Closed239
Copy Paper16-17none2/11/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableMarisa Thibodeaux3/30/2016Closed238
Ansul System Upgrade at Various Sites1910-23064Mandatory 1/20/16, 9AM @ Tenaya MS/Mandatory 1/21/16, 9AM @ Bullard HS2/1/201610:30 AMAvailableNot AvailableSarah GarciaClosed237
Network Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE19002none1/13/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten2/24/2016Closed236
Installation of Network EquipmentE190031/4/16 @ 11:00am1/13/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten2/24/2016Closed235
Internet Service ProviderE190011/4/16 @ 10:00am1/15/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten2/24/2016Closed234
Addicott Elementary School Modernization16-1412/17/15, 10:00AM at Addicott1/19/20162:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel2/10/2016Closed233
Figarden E.S. Classroom Buildings Additions16-13MANDATORY, Dec. 16, 2015, 3:00 p.m., Figarden E.S.1/26/20162:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins4/13/2016Closed232
Food Service Disposable Containers 16-10none12/4/201510:30 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie 1/20/2015Closed231
Wawona Middle School Accessibility Improvements0475-2302312/2/15 1:00 PM at Wawona12/10/20152:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed230
Tenaya Middle School Accessibility Improvements0445-2302412/2/15 2:00 PM at Tenaya12/10/201510:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed229
Robinson Elementary School Classroom Building Disconnect and Replacement1380-2305412/1/15, 10:00AM at Robinson ES12/8/201510:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed228
Olmos Elementary School Classroom Building Disconnect and Replacement1905-2307912/2/15, 10:00AM at Olmos ES12/9/201510:00 AMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed227
Birney Elementary School Classroom Projectors Install1045-23026November 10, 2015 @ 2:00 PM12/1/20152:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableSarah GarciaClosed226
Gym Floor Refinishing at Hoover, Tehipite and Terronez1235-23029November 3, 2015 @ 10:00 AM11/10/20159:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed225
Baird Middle School Classroom Wing Addition16-09Oct. 27, 2015@3:00PM; Baird Middle School11/17/20152:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins1/6/2016Closed224
Sunnyside High School Elevator Upgrade1421-23019October 15, 2015 @ 10:00 A.M., Roosevelt HS11/5/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed223
Sunnyside High School Cooling Tower Replacement16-0810/20/15, 10:00 AM, at Sunnyside High School , meet in front of Admin Office11/3/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/9/2015Closed222
Bullard High School Baseball Parking Lot Ashpalt Rehabilitation1055-2301810/15/15, 2:00 PM, at Bullard High School, meet at south parking lot on Browning10/29/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed221
Classroom Trailers Disconnect & Salvage1905-23053Oct. 13, 2015 @ 9AM, Mandatory Robinson Elementary School10/19/20159:30 AMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins10/20/2015Closed220
Playground Equipment Installation at Del Mar, Easterby, Roeding, Viking, and Wishon Elementary Schools 16-0510/7/15, 9:00 AM, Easterby Elementary10/22/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel11/18/2015Closed219
Roosevelt High School Tennis Court Lighting Upgrade1395-23021October 5, 2015 @ 10:00 AM10/22/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed218
Fall 2015 Portable Relocation and Infrastructure16-06Mandatory 09/17/2015, 10AM @ Lawless ES10/1/201510:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel10/28/2015Closed217
Wawona Middle School Mechanical Well Reroof1475-23020September 22, 2015 @ 10 AM, Wawona MS10/8/20152:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableSarah GarciaClosed216
Easterby Elementary School Boiler Replacement1135-230169/10/15, 10:00AM at Easterby Elem.9/25/201510:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableAmy EsquivelClosed215
RE-BID Robinson Elementary School New Kindergarten Building Construction 16-04September 9, 2015 @ 10 AM , Robinson ES 10/8/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel11/4/2015Closed214
Internal Audit and Fraud Investigation Services16-03none8/31/20153:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAnn Loorz10/28/2015Closed213
CNG School Busses16-02none8/5/20152:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten9/9/2015Closed212
Duncan and Tenaya Concrete Benchtops1130-200037/24/15, 10:00AM7/31/201510:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed211
Edison High School Fire Lane Improvements CANCELLED1145-530047/23/15, 10:00AM7/30/20152:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed210
Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program 16-01none7/14/201510:30 AMAvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie 8/12/2015Closed209
HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program15-35July 20, 2015 @ 2:00 PM, Purchasing Department8/3/20152:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2016Closed208
Baird Middle School Interim Housing Electrical & Low Voltage Connections1030-23005July 13, 2015, 9:00 AM @ Baird MS7/20/201510:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed207
2015 Portable Classrooms Infrastructure 15-34MANDATORY 6/24/15 @ 10:00 am Wilson ES7/2/201510:00 AMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed206
Robinson Elementary School New Kindergarten Building Construction15-27July 21, 2015, 10:00 AM8/11/201510:00 AMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel9/9/2015Closed205
Tehipite MS Exterior Painting - Phase 21440-20042May 26, 2015, 10:00 AM @ Tehipite MS6/2/201510:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward CollinsClosed204
Duncan High School and Tenaya Middle School Plaster ProjectSG042315NO BIDS RECEIVED5/13/201511:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed203
Concrete Bench Tops at Tenaya Middle School and Duncan High SchoolAE042215May 4, 2015 at 10:00 A.M. @ Duncan HS5/14/201510:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/17/2015Closed202
Gaston Middle School Sports Field Lighting15-25April 22, 2015 at 2:00 P.M. @ Gaston MS5/13/201510:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableSarah Garcia6/3/2015Closed201
Unleaded Gasoline and Diesel Fuel - CANCELLED15-24none5/8/20152:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten6/17/2015Closed200
Kings Canyon Re-Roof15-29April 28, 2015 @ 1:30 pm; Kings Canyon MS5/12/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/3/2015Closed199
Service Center and Education Center Annex Asphalt Rehabilitation15-28April 27, 2015 at 10:00 A.M. @ Purchasing Office5/12/201510:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/17/2015Closed198
Design/Build Services for Sequoia MS Gym HVAC System, RFP15-26MANDATORY 4/20/15 @ 2:00 pm at Sequoia MS5/19/201510:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/17/2015Closed197
Edison HS Gymnasium Heating and Cooling Upgrades15-234/20/15 at 10:00 AM5/5/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/3/2015Closed196
Security Guard Services15-184/14/2015 10:00am @ Purchasing Department4/24/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten6/17/2015Closed195
Gym Floor Refinishing at Various SitesSG032315April 6, 2015 at 9AM4/16/201512:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed194
Exterior Painting at Various Sites15-21Mandatory April 1, 2015 @ 9am, Duncan HS / Job-walk 15 Sites4/23/20158:30 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/13/2015Closed193
Dump Trucks15-20none4/10/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten5/13/2015Closed192
Furnish and Installation of Transportation - Auto/Bus Shop In-Ground Lift15-193/18/2015, 10AM4/14/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/13/2015Closed191
McLane High School Stadium Power Upgrade15-173/5/20153/24/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia4/22/2015Closed190
Exterior Parking Lot Lighting Materials for Bullard, Duncan, Edison, Fresno, Hoover, McLane, and Roosevelt High Schools15-08none2/27/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia3/11/2015Closed188
Roosevelt High School Irrigation Main1395-201352/11/2015 at 11:00 A.M. in the SW Parking Lot of Roosevelt HS2/26/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel, Buyer IIIClosed187
Installation of Parking Lot Lighting at Various Sites15-13 A,B,CFebruary 3, 10:00 A.M. , Bullard H.S. Administration Office2/10/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia3/11/2015Closed186
Kings Canyon Middle School Storm Drain Improvements1265-200171/28/15, 10:00AM at Kings Canyon MS2/19/201510:00 AMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed185
Copy Paper15-14none2/5/20152:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux3/25/2015Closed184
Chiller Replacement at Birney and Pyle Elementary Schools, Computech Middle School, and Roosevelt High School15-151/29/15, 9:00AM at Computech MS2/13/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/11/2015Closed183
Configuration Support for Network Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE18002none2/13/201510:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/25/2015Closed182
Network Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE18001none2/13/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten3/25/2015Closed181
Sunnyside High School Make-Up Air Unit Replacement15-12January 21, 2015 @ Sunnyside High School2/13/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/11/2015Closed180
Computech Middle School Chiller Replacement - CANCELED1919-200101/5/2015 10:001/27/201510:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed179
Security Cameras, DVRs, and PTZs Equipment15-11Material Substitution Requests due Jan. 12, 2pm1/21/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins2/25/2015Closed178
Installation of Security Cameras at Various Sites15-06Pre-Qual. Due 1/5@10am; Job-Walk 1/8-1/16/151/26/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins2/25/2015Closed177
Fresh Produce15-09none12/19/201410:30 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie2/11/2015Closed176
Roosevelt High School Chiller - REJECT ALL BIDS1919-20011December 18, 2014 in the Southwest Parking Lot of Roosevelt HS1/13/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed175
Playground Equipment Installation at Ericson, Greenberg & Lawless Elementary Schools1919-2003112/18/14 10:00 AM @ Greenberg Elementary1/8/20152:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed174
McLane High School Site Improvements15-10December 17, 2014, 10:00 AM @ McLane HS1/8/201510:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel2/11/2015Closed173
Duncan High School HVAC Upgrades15-0712/4/2014 @ Duncan HS - In front of Admin building12/18/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel2/11/2015Closed172
Roosevelt HS Fire Alarm Site Cabling1395-2010512/1/14 @ 10am12/16/201410:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed171
Lease-Lease Back: Hoover HS Aquatic CenterRFP 15-04noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel10/15/2014Closed170
Fairview Avenue Reconstruction at Edison High Shcool15-0510/21/2014 @ 1:00 P.M.11/5/20142:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/10/2014Closed169
LLB Bullard High School Master Plan Improvements Phase II 15-02none9/10/201412:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins9/10/2014Closed168
Lease-Lease Back: Edison High School Swimming Pool Complex15-01none8/27/201412:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins8/27/2014Closed167
McLane High School Site Improvements (cancelled)080614EC8/21/20142:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableSarah GarciaClosed166
Charter Bus Services15-03July 24, 2014 @ 9am8/1/201410:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten9/10/2014Closed165
Cooper Academy Middle School Amphitheatre1105-20000July 9, 2014 @ 10:00 AM; In front of the Admin Office at Cooper Academy MS 7/14/20142:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed164
Edison High School Parking Improvements1145-17100Non-Mandatory 6/25/14 1:00 PM7/8/20142:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed163
Vinland Elementary School Chiller Replacement1919-17060Non-Mandatory, 6/26/14 10:00 AM7/8/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed162
McLane HS Team Room Entry Improvements1335-17039June 17, 2014 @ 10:00am 6/24/20142:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed161
King Elementary School Modernization110645noneNot AvailableNot AvailableClosed160
Service Center Asphalt Rehabilitation14-29Non-Mandatory, 5/20/14 2:00PM6/3/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/18/2014Closed159
Bullard High School Master Plan Improvements - Phase I: Demolition, Utility Relocation, and Site Preparation for South Classroom14-22noneNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward CollinsClosed158
Re-Bid of Sunnyside High School Track and Field Improvement14-2605/06/2014 @ 10:00 AM @ Sunnyside HS5/20/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/28/2014Closed157
Sunnyside High School Track and Field Improvements14-254/10/14, 1:30 PM, Non-Mandatory4/24/20142:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel5/14/2014Closed156
Hoover, Roosevelt, & Sunnyside High Schools Exterior Painting14-24 A,B,CMandatory, 9:00AM, Monday, April 14, 2014 @ Sunnyside HS4/22/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/28/2014Closed155
Lease-Lease Back: Dewolf/Design Science New Classroom BuildingRFP 14-13noneNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins2/12/2014Closed154
Easterby Elementary School Masonry Block Wall1135-172513/25/14 10:00 AM, Non-Mandatory4/9/201410:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed153
Dump Truck14-21none3/27/20142:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten4/30/2014Closed152
Fort Miller Middle School Site Work1919-170753/17/14 10:00 AM, Non-Mandatory3/21/201410:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed151
Ahwahnee Middle School Site Work1919-170743/14/14, 10:00 AM, Non-Mandatory3/19/201410:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed150
Sequoia Middle School Site Work1919-170763/13/14, 10:00 AM, Non-Mandatory3/20/201410:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy EsquivelClosed149
Auto/Bus Shop Inground Lift0925-17019 (pending re-bid)Mandatory, 10:00AM, Tuesday, March 4, 20143/12/20142:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward CollinsClosed148
Lease-Lease Back: Baird Middle School New Gymnasium ConstructionRFP 14-12noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel2/12/2014Closed147
Data and Communications Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE17001none2/28/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten3/26/2014Closed146
Sunnyside High School Mechanical and Controls Upgrade14-201/23/14, 10:00 AM2/13/201410:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/12/2014Closed145
Copy Paper14-18none1/30/20142:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux 2/26/2014Closed144
Yosemite Middle School Energy Management System Installation14-191/17/14, 10:00 AM1/31/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/12/2014Closed143
Cooper Academy Middle School Locker Room Heater Replacement14-171/15/14, 10:00 AM2/5/201410:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/12/2014Closed142
McLane Chiller Replacement14-1612/18/13, 10:00 AM1/7/201410:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel2/12/2014Closed141
Technology Senior Advisor14-15none12/11/20132:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAnn Loorz1/8/2014Closed140
Re-Bid Hoover High School Demolition of Portable Buildings14-1411/26/13 10:00am at Hoover High School (bid docs available 11/19)12/5/201310:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten12/11/2013Closed139
Wood Chips for Playgrounds14-06none12/2/20132:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia1/22/2014Closed138
Lease-Leaseback: McLane High School Three-Story Classroom Addition and ModernizationRFP 14-05noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel11/6/2013Closed137
Education Center Data Room HVAC Upgrade14-11November 1, 2013 @ 10:00 A.M. in front of the West Entrance of the Education Center -2309 Tulare St, Fresno, CA 9372111/15/201310:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel12/11/2013Closed136
Winchell Pre-School Hardscape Improvements14-1010/14/13 @ 10:00am10/23/20132:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableSarah GarciaClosed135
Hoover High School Demolition of Portable Buildings14-0810/8/2013 10am @ Hoover High10/25/201310:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten11/20/2013Closed134
Fort Miller Middle School Site Improvements for Gym Bleachers14-0910/10/13, 10:00 AM10/24/201310:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel11/20/2013Closed133
Food Service Disposable Trays & Packaging FilmDec-379/4/20132:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableSusan Harautuneian11/6/2013Closed132
ONLINE COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS TOOL13-30none8/9/201310:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableBRENDA THIESEN10/9/2013Closed131
Irrigation Supplies13-27none6/26/20132:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins8/28/2013Closed130
Turner Elementary School Asphalt Rehabilitation13-266/14/13, 10:00 A.M. @ Turner6/27/201310:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy EsquivelClosed129
Refrigerated Delivery Trucks13-25none6/6/20132:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten8/28/2013Closed128
LLB: Sequoia Middle School Modernization13-13noneNot AvailableNot Available5/22/2013Closed127
Edison High School Exterior Painting13-24BID CANCELLEDNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy EsquivelClosed126
Holland Elementary School Sewer Main Replacement13-214/17/20135/2/20132:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten6/5/2013Closed125
Health and Welfare Consulting Services 13-22May 2, 2013 at 2:30pm 5/30/201310:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableEsther Moultrie 9/25/2013Closed124
Roosevelt High School Hardscape Improvements13-19April 17, 2013 2:00PM, 4250 E. Tulare, Fresno, CA 937025/1/201311:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/22/2013Closed123
Aynesworth Elementary School Intrusion Upgrade13-234/18/20135/2/201311:30 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/5/2013Closed122
Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School Thermoplastic PVC Roofing13-20April 17, 2013 3:00 PM 110 E Swift Avenue, Fresno, CA 937045/7/201310:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Collins6/5/2013Closed121
CANCELLED-Robinson Elementary School Paving13-17noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy EsquivelClosed120
Kings Canyon Middle School Storm Drain Replacement13-18none5/2/201310:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel6/5/2013Closed119
Yosemite Middle School Energy Management System Installation13-14April 10, 2013 at 10:00 AM 1292 N. 9th St. Fresno, CA 937034/25/20132:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel6/5/2013Closed118
Gym Floor Refinishing at 5 Sites13-164/4/13 @ 9:00am4/18/20132:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia6/5/2013Closed117
Bullard Talent School Shade Structure Site Work13-07April 5, 2013 10:00AM 4950 N. Harrison, Fresno, CA 937044/18/201310:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel6/5/2013Closed116
Roosevelt High School Athletic Track Rehabilitation13-152-Apr-134/11/201310:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/22/2013Closed115
Lease Lease-back McLane High School Locker Rooms Upgrade and Utility Infrastructure Improvements13-08noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel2/27/2013Closed113
Security Hardware Supplies13-12none2/27/20132:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia4/10/2013Closed112
Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Computers13-11none1/24/20132:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten2/13/2013Closed111
Centennial Elementary School New Classroom Building Construction13-091/8/13 3:00pm @ Centennial ES1/31/20132:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins2/27/2013Closed110
LLB: Aynesworth Construction of Classroom Building13-05noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel12/12/2012Closed109
Musical Instruments13-06none12/17/20122:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux1/23/2013Closed108
Data and Communications Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE16001none12/6/201210:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten1/23/2013Closed107
Construction of Rutherford B. Gaston Sr. Middle School, Phase IIDec-32noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel9/26/2012Closed106
Expansion of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Facility13-0410:00 AM, Tuesday, Sept. 25 @ FUSD Purchasing Dept.10/11/20122:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins11/14/2012Closed105
Construction of Masonry Block Wall at Yosemite Middle School13-0209/05/12 @ 10:00am9/24/201210:00 AMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia11/14/2012Closed104
U.S. Communities Cleaning supplies, Equiptment and Custodial related products22-Dec8/1/20128/27/20122:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux11/14/2012Closed103
Asphalt Rehabilitation at Heaton and Lawless ES and Millbrook Ed.31-DecJuly 3, 2012 @ 9:00am7/11/201210:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectSarah GarciaClosed102
LLB:Construction of Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School27-DecnoneNot AvailableNot AvailableEd Collins5/23/2012Closed101
LLB: Modernization of Girls Locker Room at Roosevelt High School29-Decn/aNot AvailableNot AvailableEd Collins6/20/2012Closed100
LLB: Modernization of Hamilton Elementary School28-Decn/aNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel6/20/2012Closed99
Copy PaperDec-33none6/28/20122:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux8/8/2012Closed98
LLB:Hoover New Classroom Bldg. 120912noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel5/9/2012Closed97
LLB:Bullard Modernization Phase F121215noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel5/9/2012Closed96
Lease Lease-Back Project: Construction of Two Academic Buildings at Fresno High School17-DecnoneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel4/25/2012Closed95
Unleaded Gasoline and Diesel Fuel25-Decnone4/27/20122:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten6/6/2012Closed94
Automated Calling System21-Decnone4/20/20122:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten6/20/2012Closed93
Chiller and Boiler Replacement at Robinson E.S.18-Dec2/22/12 @ 10:00am 3/19/20122:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia4/25/2012Closed92
Lease Lease-back Project: Construction of Ticket/Concession Building at Fresno High School121214noneNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins1/25/2012Closed91
Construction of Masonry Block Wall at Yosemite Middle School1201162/9/12 @ 10:00am2/28/20122:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia4/11/2012Closed90
Lease-Leaseback Project, Athletic Improvements at Hoover High SchoolRFP 120911noneNot AvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel1/11/2012Closed89
Manufacture Authorized Basic MaintenanceE15003None12/22/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten3/7/2012Closed88
Wireless Telephony and DATA Services ("Cell Phone")E15002None12/22/201110:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/7/2012Closed87
Wide Area Network (WAN) ServicesE1500112/7/11 @ 9:00am12/22/201110:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/7/2012Closed86
Structual Demolition and Land Clearance for New Southwest Middle School121113(Removal Action WorkPlan): http://www.envirostor.dtsc.ca.gov/public/profile_report.asp?global_id=6000136812/20/20112:00 PMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia1/25/2012Closed85
Lease-Leaseback Project: Construction of New Academic Building at Edison High School120910noneNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins11/16/2011Closed84
Roosevelt H.S. New Classroom Bldg. Lease-Leaseback120909noneNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins11/2/2011Closed83
Site M-4 (Southeast) Elementary School Lease-Leaseback Project120701noneNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins8/10/2011Closed82
Modernization of Bethune Elementary School1208059/8/2011, 3:00 PM @ Bethune ES9/29/20112:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins11/2/2011Closed81
HVAC Air Filters120804none9/1/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableSarah Garcia11/2/2011Closed80
Construction of New Kindergarten & Classroom Buildings at Rowell ES1208038/16/2011, 10:00 AM @ Rowell ES9/7/20112:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins9/28/2011Closed79
Copy Paper120702none8/18/20112:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux9/14/2011Closed78
Fresh Juice and Dairy1110087/21/20117/28/201110:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableSusan Harautuneian9/14/2011Closed77
Custodial Paper110643none7/14/201112:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux9/14/2011Closed76
Modernization of Columbia Elementary School1106446/23/11, 10:00am @ Columbia Elementary School7/14/20112:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel8/10/2011Closed75
Modernization of Martin Luther King Elementary School1106456/21/11, 10:00am @ Martin Luther King Elementary School7/12/20112:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel8/10/2011Closed74
RFQ for Professional Construction Inspection Services110541none6/9/20112:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableMarisa Thibodeaux8/10/2011Closed73
Modernization of Addams Elementary School1104375/4/11, 3:00pm @ Addams Elementary School5/24/20112:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins6/15/2011Closed72
Electrical Utilities for Temporary Relocatable Classrooms at Columbia and Martin Luther King Elementary Schools1104395/12/11, 9:00am @ Columbia Elementary School5/26/20112:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins6/15/2011Closed71
Turner Elementary School Automatic Irrigation Improvements1104364/14/11, 9:00 A.M.4/26/201110:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/11/2011Closed70
Ducan Polytechnical High School HVAC Upgrades1103354/1/11, 9:00 AM @ Duncan4/12/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2011Closed69
Soil Remediation at Site "M"1103344/7/11, 10:00am @ Sequoia Middle School Parking Lot4/27/20113:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward Collins5/25/2011Closed68
Hoover High School HVAC Upgrades110328 Phase C3/24/11, 1:00 PM @ Hoover4/7/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/11/2011Closed67
Kings Canyon Middle School HVAC Upgrades1103293/22/11, 1:00 PM @ Kings Canyon4/4/20112:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2011Closed66
Thomas Elementary School HVAC Upgrades1103303/22/11, 10:00 AM @ Thomas4/1/20112:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2011Closed65
Wolters Elementary School HVAC Upgrades1103313/23/11, 9:00 AM @ Wolters3/31/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2011Closed64
Webster Elementary School HVAC Upgrades1103323/23/11, 1:00 PM @ Webster3/31/20112:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2011Closed63
Hamilton School HVAC Upgrades1103333/25/11, 9:00 AM @ Hamilton4/7/201110:30 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/27/2011Closed62
Lease Leaseback Services RFQ110327March 23, 2011 @ 9:00 AM4/6/20112:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableMarisa Thibodeaux5/25/2011Closed61
Sunnyside High School Motorized Stage Curtain1102263/16/11, 10:00 AM @ Sunnyside3/29/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/11/2011Closed60
Unleaded Gasoline & Diesel Fuel110223none3/23/201112:00 AMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten4/27/2011Closed59
Sunnyside High School Fire Alarm System110221Mar 10, 2011 @ 10 A.M3/24/201112:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/11/2011Closed58
Starr Elementary School Re-Roof Building "A"1102243/10/11, 2:30pm @ Starr Elementary School3/24/201111:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins5/11/2011Closed57
Asphalt Rehabilitation at Wilson Elementary School1102203/2/11, 10:00 AM at Wilson3/22/20119:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/11/2011Closed56
Copy Paper110225none3/4/20112:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten4/13/2011Closed55
McLane High School New Energy Management System1102222/22/10, at McLane 9:30 AM3/8/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/13/2011Closed54
Asbestos Abatement/Lead Paint Consulting Services RFQ110219none3/9/20112:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins5/11/2011Closed53
Modernization of Ayer and Lawless Elementary Schools1102182/15/11, 2:30pm @ Lawless Elementary School3/8/20113:00 PMNot AvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins4/13/2011Closed52
Ahwahnee Middle School Gym Re-Roof1101172/16/11, 2:00pm @ Ahwahnee Middle School3/15/201110:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins5/11/2011Closed51
Security Guard Services1101162/8/11 2:00PM @ Purchasing Department3/8/20112:00 PMAvailableAvailableEdward Van Patten4/27/2011Closed50
Manufacturer Authorized Basic MaintenanceE140032/3/11 2:00PM @ Purchasing Department2/23/20112:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/9/2011Closed49
Data and Communications Equipment for Internal ConnectionsE140022/3/11 2:00PM @ Purchasing Deparment2/23/20112:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/9/2011Closed48
Internet Service ProviderE140012/3/11 2:00PM @Purchasing Department2/23/20112:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Van Patten3/9/2011Closed47
Construction of Classroom Building at Wilson Elementary School1101151/18/11, 11:30am @ Wilson Elem. School Parking lot2/18/20112:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins3/9/2011Closed46
Construction of Classroom Building at Mayfair Elementary School1101141/18/11, 10:00AM @ Mayfair Elem. School Parking lot2/14/201110:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins2/23/2011Closed45
Edison High School Pool Locker Room HVAC Upgrade1112101/12/11, 9:00am @ Edison High School1/25/201110:00 AMAvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel3/9/2011Closed44
Scandinavian Middle School New Energy Management System1112121/12/11, 1:30pm @ Scandinavian Middle School1/25/201110:30 AMAvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel3/9/2011Closed43
Tioga Middle School Administration Building HVAC Upgrades1112131/11/11, 10:00am @ Tioga Middle School 2/3/201110:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/23/2011Closed42
Bullard High School Fire Lane11120912/21/10, 10:00am @ Bullard High School1/10/20113:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins2/23/2011Closed41
Pest Control Services11090411/16/10, 2pm @ Purchasing Department12/3/20102:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableAnn2/9/2010Closed40
Electrical Service Upgrades at Burroughs Elementary School and Duncan Polytechnical and Fresno High Schools11100711/12/10, 8:30 AM @ Fresno High12/7/201010:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel1/26/2011Closed39
Tray Sealing Equipment11100611/4/10, 10:00 AM @ Nutrition Center11/17/201010:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableSusan Harautuneian12/8/2010Closed38
McCardle & Slater Elementary School Modernizations11090311/3/10, 2:30 P.M. @ McCardle11/22/201010:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel1/26/2011Closed37
Exterior Painting at Kratt and Malloch Elementary Schools11100510/19/10, 10:00 A.M. at Kratt Elementary11/10/201010:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel12/8/2010Closed36
Tehipite Middle School Modernization1108023PM: 8-23 Tehipite MS 630 N. Agusta / Mandatory 8-26 Concrete Subs Only9/15/20102:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins10/13/2010Closed35
Demolition Services for Site M-41107017/14/10; 9:00 AM8/3/20102:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins8/25/2010Closed34
Copy Paper100637none6/28/201010:30 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie8/11/2010Closed33
Modernization of Forkner Elementary School1004365/12/10 @ 3:00pm (Mandatory)6/3/20103:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins6/16/2010Closed32
Bank Services RFP100310none5/5/201010:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAnn Hess6/16/2010Closed31
Bullard HS Athletic Facilities Improvement Project1003353/26/10 @ 3:00 PM 4/6/201010:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins4/14/2010Closed30
HVAC Upgrades at Hoover High School, Phase B1003333/25/10 @ 2:00 PM (Mandatory)4/14/201010:00 AMNot AvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/12/2010Closed29
Energy Management System Upgrades at Computech, Cooper, Wawona1003303/24/10 @ 9:00 AM, Cooper MS4/7/20102:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins4/28/2010Closed28
Automatic Irrigation Improvements at Ewing, Hidalgo, Lincoln and Robinson Elementary & Scandinavian Middle School1003323/22/10 @ 9:00 AM @ Robinson4/6/20101:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/28/2010Closed27
Exterior Painting at Bullard High School1003313/17/10, 10:00 am4/8/201010:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel5/12/2010Closed26
Portable Addition at Addicott School1002293/11/10 @ 2:00 PM3/25/20103:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins6/16/2010Closed25
HVAC Upgrade at Bullard High School1002283/16/10 @2:00 PM (Mandatory)4/8/20102:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins5/12/2010Closed24
Constr. of New Library Media Centers Thomas and Vinland ES1002273/9/10 @ 2:30 PM (Thomas ES)3/23/20103:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins4/28/2010Closed23
Eaton and Rowell Elem Schools Modernizations1002252/24/10 @ 2:30 PM (Mandatory)3/17/20103:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins4/28/2010Closed22
Asphalt Rehabilitation at Figarden, Homan, Norseman, Starr & Bullard1002263-2-10 @ 9:00 am3/23/201010:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel5/12/2010Closed21
Refinish Gym Floors at Cooper, Ft Miller, Hamilton, Sequoia, Yosemite and Edison912222-25-10 @ 9:00 am3/11/201010:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel4/28/2010Closed20
Bleacher Pad Addition at Edison High School1001232-2-10 @ 10:00 AM2/17/201010:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/24/2010Closed19
Gymnasium Bleacher Replacement at Edison High School912211-14-10 @ 10:00 AM1/27/201010:00 AMAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel2/10/2010Closed18
Lighting Upgrades at Tenaya Middle School912201-6-10 @ 10:00 AM1/20/201010:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel3/10/2010Closed17
Purchase of Heating/Cooling Equipment for Hoover High School91219none12/30/20099:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel1/13/2010Closed16
Social Emotional Support Services RFQ9101711/03/2009 at 1p.m.11/30/200910:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableEsther Moultrie1/27/2010Closed15
Diesel Particulate Matter Traps9091410/15/09 4pm to 6 pm10/22/200910:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableDan Sanchez12/9/2009Closed14
Security Hardware Supplies90806None11/9/20092:00 PMAvailableNot AvailableAmy Esquivel1/13/2010Closed13
Plumbing Supplies90703None11/5/200911:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel1/13/2010Closed12
Relocatable Buildings at Bakman ES9091510/7, 3:30 PM10/14/20092:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins11/18/2009Closed11
Kratt and Malloch Elem. School Modernizations9091210/6, 2:30 PM10/28/20092:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins11/18/2009Closed10
Moderniztion of Lane Elem.909139/30, 3:00 PM10/22/20092:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins11/18/2009Closed9
Lighting Upgrades at Computech Middle School909119/23, 9:00 AM10/9/200910:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel11/18/2009Closed8
Modernization of Starr Elementary School909099/24, 3:00 PM10/8/20092:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins11/4/2009Closed7
Easterby Elementary School Modernization9090810/1, 3:00 PM10/27/20092:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins12/9/2009Closed6
Robinson and Figarden Elementry School Moderizations909079/22, 3:00 PM10/15/20092:00 PMAvailableContact ArchitectEdward Collins11/4/2009Closed5
Exterior Painting at Fremont Storey and Hamilton Elementary Schools909109/22, 9:00 AM10/8/200910:00 AMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel11/18/2009Closed4
Workers Comp Bill Review and Utilization Review - BID CANCELLED908058/18/09, 10 am9/17/20092:00 PMNot AvailableAvailableEdward CollinsClosed3
Material Testing Lab Serv. RFQ90804none8/26/20092:00 PMNot AvailableNot AvailableEdward Collins10/14/2009Closed2
Charter Bus Services RFQ90701none7/28/200910:00 AMNot AvailableNot AvailableDan SanchezClosed1
Aynesworth and Ewing Elementary Schools Marquee Sign Replacement1025-35493Mandatory 07/30/2020 @ 10:00AM, Aynesworth and Ewing08/11/20202:00AvailableAmy Esquivel1025-35493_Tabulation
1025-35493_Subcontractors List
1025-35493_Addendum 1
1025-35493_Technical Specs
1025-35493_Site Plans
1025-35493_Bidders List
1025-35493_Front-End Pt. 1
1025-35493_Front-End Pt. 2
1025-35493_Job Walk Sign-In Sheets
1025-35493_Notice to Bidders
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Cooper Middle School Marquee Sign Replacement1105-35442Mandatory 8/11/20 @ 10 am, Cooper M.S.08/25/20202:01 pmAvailableAvailableAmy Esquivel1105-35442_Tabulation
1105-35442_Addendum 1
1105-35442_Bidders List 
1105-35442_Front-End Pt 1
1105-35442_Front-End Pt 2
1105-35442_Notice to Bidders
1105-35442_Job walk sign in sheets
1105-35442_Technical Specs
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Sunnyside High School Stadium Turf Installation21-08Mandatory 8/13/20 @ 10 am, Sunnyside HS09/01/20202:01 pmAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz10/07/202021-08_Board Approval 10-7-20
21-08_Subcontractors List
21-08 Job Walk Sign In Sheets
21-08_Notice to Bidders
21-08_Bidders List
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20-42, Section B & E Exterior Painting for Various School Sites20-4203/12/2020Edward Vanpatten20-42_Notice of Completion_Sec B & E_Pacific Rim PaintingClosed
Special Education Building Chiller Installation1787-40017Mandatory 9/1/20 @ 9 am, Special Ed Office09/15/2020prior to 2:01 pmAvailableAvailableAnn Loorz1787-40017_Subcontractors List
1787-40017_Addendum 1
1787-40017_Addendum 2
1787-40017_Job Walk Sign In Sheets
1787-40017_Bidders List
1787-40017_Front-End Pt 1
1787-40017_Front-End Pt 2
1787-40017_Notice to Bidders
1787-40017_Technical Specs
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Gymnasium Bleacher Installation at Various Middle Schools21-09Mandatory 9/3/20 @ 9 am, Terronez MS09/24/2020Sec A-prior to 2:01 pm, Sec B-prior to 2:21 pm, Sec C-prior to 2:41 pmAvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz11/04/202021-09_Subcontractors List_Sec A
21-09_Subcontractors List_Sec B
21-09_Subcontractors List_Sec C
21-09 Job Walk Sign in Sheets
21-09_Bidders List
21-09_Notice to Bidders
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20-42_Notice of Completion_Sec C_ GDL Painters Inc20-4203/12/2020Edward Vanpatten10/07/2020Closed
Cooper Middle School Marquee Sign Replacement Rebid1105-35442RMandatory 9/16/2020, 9:00AM 09/30/20202:00 PMAvailableAvailableAmy Esquiveln/a1105-35442R_Subcontractors List
1105-35442R_Addendum 1
1105-35442R_Bidders List
1105-35442R_Front-End Pt 1
1105-35442R_Front-End Pt 2
1105-35442R_Job Walk Sign-In Sheets
1105-35442R_Notice to Bidders
1105-35442R_Technical Specs
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Ewing Elementary School Early Learning Buildings Construction and Parking Lot Improvements21-10Mandatory 9/15/20 @ 10 am, Ewing ES10/01/2020Prior to 2:01 pmAvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel11/18/202021-10_Subcontractors List
21-10_Bidders List
21-10_Notice to Bidders
21-10_Job Walk Sign-In Sheets
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Edison High School Gymnasium Addition21-11Mandatory 9/17/20 @ 9 am, Edison HS10/06/2020Prior to 2:01 pmNot AvailableContact ArchitectAnn Loorz11/18/202021-11_Tabulation
21-11_Subcontractor List-BMY
21-11_Bidders List
21-11_Notice to Bidders
21-11_Job Walk Sign-In Sheet
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Nutrition Center Chiller Replacement **CANCELLED**1912-40023Mandatory 9/24/20 @ 9 am, Nutrition Center10/21/2020Prior to 2:01 pmAvailableAnn Loorz1912-40023_Addendum 2
1912-40023_Addendum 1
1912-40023_Job Walk Sign-In
1912-40023_Bidders List
1912-40023_Front-End Pt 1
1912-40023_Front-End Pt 2
1912-40023_Notice to Bidders
1912-40023_Technical Specs
Gymnasium Scoreboard Replacement for Various Middle Schools21-12, Sections A & BMandatory 9/29/20 @ 9 am, Scandinavian M.S. and Tioga M.S.10/15/2020Sec A - Prior to 2:01 pm / Sec B - Prior to 2:31 pmAvailableAmy Esquivel11/18/2020

21-12_Subcontractors List_Sec A
21-12_Subcontractors List_Sec B
21-12_Addendum 2
21-12_Addendum 1
21-12_Appendix 1
21-12_Bidders List
21-12_Front-End Pt 1
21-12_Front-End Pt 2
21-12_Job Walk Sing-In Sheets
21-12_Notice to Bidders
21-12_Plans and Pictures
21-12_Technical Specs

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McLane High School Track Resurfacing and Repair1335-40038Mandatory 10/13/20 @ 10 am, McLane HS10/27/2020Prior to 2:01 pmAvailableAvailableAnn Loorz1335-40038_Subcontractors List
1335-40038_Addendum No.2
1335-40038_Addendum No.1
1335-40038_Job Walk Sign-In Sheet
1335-40038_Bidders List
1335-40038_Front-End Pt 1
1335-40038_Front-End Pt 2
1335-40038_Notice to Bidders
1335-40038_Technical Specs
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McLane High School Stadium Scoreboard Replacement21-14Mandatory 10/20/20 @ 10 am, McLane HS Stadium on Clinton Ave.11/03/2020Prior to 2:01 pmNot AvailableContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel12/16/202021-14_Bidders List
21-14_Notice to Bidders
21-14_Job Walk Sign-In Sheets
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Bullard High School Fencing Improvements21-15Mandatory @ 10 am, 10/22/2011/12/2020Prior to 2:01 pmContact ArchitectAmy Esquivel12/16/202021-15_Job Walk Sign In Sheets
21-15_Bidders List
21-15_Notice to Bidders
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Student Internet Service Beyond Campus: Wireless Broadband Solution

21-13MANDATORY: Tuesday October 27, 2020, 10:00am at Edison High School11/02/2020Prior to 10:00amEdward Van Patten21-13 RFP Student Internet Service Beyond Campus - Wireless Broadband

21-13 Qualification Questionnaire
21-13 Job Walk Sign-in Sheet
Pre-qualification Questionnaire and sample documents due on November 2, 2020 at 10:00amActive
Bullard High School South Gymnasium Floor Refinishing1055-40098Mandatory 11/5/20 @ 10 am, Bullard HS11/19/20202:01 pmAvailableAnn Loorz1055-40098_Bidders List
1055-40098_Front End Pt 1
1055-40098_Front End Pt 2
1055-40098_Notice to Bidders
1055-40098_Technical Specs
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