The Purchasing Department makes all purchases in accordance with the State of California Ed. Code and the Public Contract Code. There’s also reference to the Code of Federal Regulations. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction annually adjust for inflation the bid threshold specified in PCC Section 20111(a) for equipment, materials, supplies, and/or services not construction services.

Requisitions submitted for equipment, materials, supplies, and/or services not construction services in excess of the Annual Adjustment to Bid Threshold (Public Contract Code 20111); or construction improvements in excess of $200,000, the limits require that the formal bid process be followed (PCC #20111, 22032c).

Procurement by micro-purchases. $50,000 or less

Procurement by micro-purchase is the acquisition of supplies or services, the aggregate dollar amount of which does not exceed the micro-purchase threshold (2 CFR §200.67 Micro-purchase). To the extent practicable, the District must distribute micro-purchases equitably among qualified suppliers. Micro-purchases may be awarded without soliciting competitive quotations if the District considers the price to be reasonable.

Procurement by small purchase procedures. Between $50,000 and Annual Adjustment to Bid Threshold (Public Contract Code 20111);

Small purchase procedures are those relatively simple and informal procurement methods for securing services, supplies, or other property that do not cost more than the Simplified Acquisition Threshold. If small purchase procedures are used, price or rate quotations must be obtained from an adequate number of qualified sources.

Procurement by sealed bids. The Annual Adjustment to Bid Threshold (Public Contract Code 20111) or more (formal advertising or approved Piggyback Contract).

Bids are publicly solicited and a firm fixed price contract (lump sum or unit price) is awarded to the responsible bidder whose bid, conforming with all the material terms and conditions of the invitation for bids, is the lowest in price.

Proposals are publicized for services and either a fixed price or cost- reimbursement type contract is awarded to the responsible offeror whose proposal is most advantageous to the District, with price and other factors considered.

Purchasing – Purchasing Limits

Bid Threshold Adjustment Letter – Correspondence (CA Dept of Education)

Fresno Unified School District | Award Authority

Board Policy 3323 It is the policy of the Governing Board that bids of less than $100,000 in value may be awarded by the Executive Director of Purchasing with the approval of the Chief Financial Officer only if the award is to the lowest bidder, the low bid meets bid specifications, the bid award is uncontested, and the bid is within the approved budget. A bid summary will be sent to the Board for ratification at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  The Authority to award public projects less than $200,000 is delegated to the Executive Director of Purchasing.
Public Project (Public Code Contract 22032)
1. Public projects of $60,000 or less may be performed by the employees of a public agency by force account, by negotiated contract, or by purchase order.

2. Public projects of $200,000 or less may be let to contract by informal procedures.

3. Public projects of more than $200,000 shall be let to contract by formal bidding procedure.

Public project includes construction, reconstruction, erection, alteration, renovation, improvement, painting, repainting, demolition and repair work involving a District owned, leased or operated facility. (Public Contract Code 22002)

Goods and Services 
The amount by which contracts shall be competitively bid shall escalate automatically based upon the annual adjustment by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Competitive bids shall be sought through advertisement for contracts exceeding threshold for the following: (Public Contract Code 20111)

1. The purchase, rent or lease of equipment, material or supplies.

2. Services, not including construction services, professional services or advice, and insurance services. (Government Code 53060)

3. Repairs, including maintenance that is not a public project.

AR 3311 
1. The district shall secure bids for any transportation service expenditure of more than $10,000 when contemplating that such a contract may be made with a person or corporation other than a common carrier, municipally-owned transit system or a parent/guardian of students are to be transported. The district may let this contract to other than the lowest bidder. (Education Code 39801.5)

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