Warehouse Safety – Material Safety Data Sheets

Warehouse staff are required to receive all types of materials and supplies not found or stored in the warehouse. Staff members must be familiar with the use of Material Safety Data Sheets to handle any accidents that may arise.

Material Safety Data Sheets must be maintained in a central location for all chemicals or products which contain chemicals in the District. Material Safety Data Sheets, MSDS, must also be kept on site or near the end user of chemical products. Warehouse staff should have a MSDS book containing data sheets on all chemical products stored in the Warehouse for any period.

In addition, most chemicals shipped to the District by vendors should have a Material Safety Data Sheet enclosed with the chemicals when delivered.

The Material Safety Data Sheet has eight parts. The first section identifies the substance giving the name and address of the manufacturer along with the chemical name of the product.

The second section lists the names of substances in the chemical that might be dangerous. This section provides a list of hazardous ingredients along with the chemical identity.

The third section describes the physical qualities of the chemical. The data sheet lets you knows what is usual or safe. The data sheet also describes the chemical.

The fourth section deals with the fire and explosion data. The data sheet tells the lowest temperature when the chemical could catch fire (flash point). Guidelines for putting out a fire dealing with the chemical is also included.

Section five describes what happens if this chemical encounters with air, water, or other chemicals.

Section six deals with health hazards. The data sheet lists ways the chemical might enter your body and lets you know if overexposure might make existing medical conditions worse and describes emergency first aid procedures.

Section seven describes how to clean up an accidental spill, leak, or release, including special procedures on how to handle, store, and dispose of chemicals safely.

Section eight describes special protection and precautions that might be necessary when working with the chemical.

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