Forklift truck operators should know the rules and regulations governing the safe use of their equipment and should abide by them. These operators have a grave responsibility as they are in charge of a machine that can damage property and inflict personal injury. Most damages and personal injuries are avoidable by strict observance of safety and operating rules.

The following rules/regulations will help prevent accidents, prolong the life of the equipment, and keep operating costs to a minimum.

Care of Machine

  1. Always come to a full stop before reversing the direction of travel. Your truck can reverse, but the load cannot.
  2. Avoid sudden stops or starts.
  3. No one should operate a forklift truck other than the person (or persons) to whom it is assigned.
  4. Never use forklift for pushing or pulling. Fork trucks are designed to lift and transport.
  5. Every forklift has a rated capacity for lifting. Never lift amounts that exceed that capacity.
  6. Safety check your truck at the start and end of your shift.
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