Warehouse staff are responsible for the receiving of materials, supplies, and equipment incoming from the vendor. These materials are generally ordered through the Purchase Order method.

A school, site, department, or teacher will issue a requisition for materials, supplies or equipment. The Purchasing Department will then issue a purchase order for the items. A copy of the purchase order and/or requisition is then forwarded to the warehouse.

Once materials are received in the warehouse, warehouse staff are responsible for receiving or checking-in materials. Checking-in procedures are as follows:

  1. Materials received are examined for obvious damage. Finding none, warehouse staff will locate packing slip or invoice.
  2. Once invoice or packing slip is located, warehouse staff will pull their copy of the purchase order and requisition.
  3. Warehouse staff will examine each item received with shipment to ensure that the item matches the description of the item listed on the packing slip. If it matches packing slip, staff will verify on the purchase order/requisition that it is an item that the ordering site department ordered.
  4. If the item matches purchase order/requisition, warehouse staff will mark the purchase order/requisition in such a manner to indicate receipt. Date indication is a must. For partial shipments, a system of marking is recommended.
    To mark a requisition one method is as follows:
    • For the first shipment use a check mark
    • For the second shipment on the order use a circle
    • If the shipment has a third shipment use a triangle
    • If the shipment has a fourth shipment use a square
      Keep a legend on your copy of the purchase order/requisition along with the date to track receipts of order.
  5. Once the order has been checked in, barring any discrepancies, make a copy of the purchase order/requisition indicating what was received and forward materials to site/dept. Place a copy of the purchase order/requisition inside the box of materials.
  6. A logbook indicating deliveries of packages and materials to school sites is a definite plus when sending out materials to schools. Indicate on logbook, name of teacher, site/dept., number of boxes, purchase order # and date being sent out. These aids tracking lost materials.
  7. An alternate way of handling deliveries is having a copy of the requisition placed on the box being shipped. Once delivered to the school site, the delivery driver would tear off the requisition and have the custodian sign. The delivery driver would then bring the signed requisitions back to the warehouse as backup proof indicating receipt.
  8. Some districts have each driver fill out a “UPS” like log sheet for deliveries. Each site/dept is responsible for signing for packages.
  9. Boxes being sent out must be clearly marked. Boxes/packages should indicate school name, teacher name, and # of boxes (1 of 3, etc.).
  10. For those districts with computerized receiving, the warehouse staff are generally required to receive the merchandise off a purchase order in the computer. Once completed, packing slips are forwarded to Accounts Payable. If an order is complete, the warehouse copy of the purchase order is forwarded along with the packing slip indicating the order is complete.

The purchase order/requisition for partial orders is filed awaiting delivery of backorder merchandise. Attachments:

R-1 Purchase Order (Warehouse copy)
R-2 Requisition (Warehouse copy)
R-3 Packing Slip
R-4 Delivery Log (Outgoing materials)

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