Mailing Services vary from district to district. In some cases, warehouse staff are responsible for the pick-up and distribution of mail throughout the district. In other cases, warehouse/delivery staff are responsible for picking up the mail and delivering it to a central location for posting and sorting. Our section will deal with those districts who pick-up, distribute, post and conduct all types of mailing services.

Mail may be received in various ways to individual districts. The post office in some cases deliver mail directly to either the district office or to each individual school. In other cases, warehouse/delivery staff pick up the mail at the post office and take it back to the warehouse for sorting and distribution.

Pick-up of Mail at Post Office

Warehouse/delivery staff should take extra care when picking up mail at the post office. Packages which are severely damaged should not be received but returned to the sender. All types of mail are generally picked up, first class, third class, certified letters, packages, parcel post, etc. All items are returned to the warehouse or central location for sorting and distribution.

Mail is generally sorted by school location and district office departments. First Class Mail

First class mail is generally specialized or personal mail which are fewer than 199 pieces and are ineligible for reduced rates. The current postal rate for first class mail-standard letter size is 29 cents.

Bulk Mail (Third Class Mail)

Bulk Business Mail (BBM) includes third-class, bound printed matter, and small parcels weighing less than 16 ounces. Examples of BBM include, but are not limited to, Adult Ed Class Schedules, School Newsletters, etc. All material sent as BBM must contain a general message aimed at all who receive it, not a personal message.

Minimum Qualifications for BBM is that each third-class bulk mailing must consist of a minimum of 200 pieces or 50 pounds. All pieces in the mailing must belong to the same processing category., ie., all letters, all flats, or all machinable parcels.

Bulk Mail may not be “dropped” off at the Post Office. It must be deposited during normal working hours at a bulk mail acceptance unit at the post office where your permit is held.

There are three methods of payment for bulk mailing. They are:

  1. Precanceled Stamps
  2. Permit Imprint
  3. Postage Meter

See MS-1 for examples.

A statement of mailing must be prepared and signed by the mailer for each mailing. Form 3602 is used for Permit Imprint millings. Form 3602-PC is used for metered postage mailing. This form must be completed by typewriter or handwritten in ink. (See Ms-2 & MS-3).

How to Prepare Basic Rate Third-class Mail

When there are 125 pieces or 15 pounds of mail packaged to the same 5-digit ZIP Code destination, the packages must be placed in a 5-digit stack labeled to the 5-digit destination. This stack must contain at least 125 pieces packaged to the same zip Code destination. These packages are then labeled with a red label “D”,

After preparing the required 5-digit stacks, 10 or more pieces for a 3-digit ZIP Code must be made up into 3-digit packages and labeled with a green label “3” and affixed to each 3-digit package.

When there are 10 or more pieces for a state remaining after the 5-digit and 3-digit packages have been made, they must be made up into State packages. An orange label “S” must be affixed to each State package.

If after all packages have been prepared as indicated, and there are pieces remaining for two or more states, they must be made up into mixed states packages. A tan label “MS” must be affixed to each package.

All Bulk Mail Items must be identical in weight and substance. The Post Office has been known to audit bulk mailings and the District is subject to penalties for mailing unauthorized or personal material at bulk mail rates.

Presort-First Class

There are times when it is advantageous to send personalized first-class mail at reduced rates. A special permit can be obtained from the Post Office authorizing a reduced first-class rate if the mailing meets the same criteria on bulk (third-class) mail.

The United States Postal Service conducts seminars on the preparation and documentation of bulk mailings at local regional facilities on a monthly or quarterly basis. Contact the Post Office in your local area for additional information.

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