As part of our commitment to continual process improvement Purchasing is provided the following guidelines for Employee Travel which are based on the Districts Board Policies and Administrative Regulations.  

Start Here   

  • A Travel Conference shall be prepared by the employee including detailed cost estimates and directed to the appropriate principal, department head, cabinet representative for approval.
  • It’s recommended to submit all required forms for approval at least 60 days in advance of the departure date.
  • Do not make any arrangements until all required approvals have been obtained. Please use this cheat sheet to assist with booking
  • More information on new booking system can be obtained by reviewing this overview

Airline tickets and Hotel Rooms 

  • Airline tickets and hotel arrangements are paid directly by the District when using our approved travel vendor.
  • Submit a copy of your signed and approved Travel/Conference form to approved travel vendor. 
  • Additional information required:  name as it appears on Drivers License, date of birth, and gender (per Transportation Security Administration)
  • It is recommended the travel vendor receive all required forms at least 14 days in advance to obtain best possible pricing.

Conference Registration

  • Conference registration fees are paid directly by the District. 
  • Submit a requisition to pay for the conference. 
  • For reference, the RQS/PO number must appear on your Travel/Conference form.


  • Meals are a reimbursed expense.  (Note: meals are not reimbursed if travel is completed in 1 day.) 

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