BP 1321 Solicitation of Funds From And By Students

The Governing Board recognizes that student participation in fund-raising activities for the schools and nonprofit, nonpartisan charitable organizations can help develop a sense of social responsibility in students, enhance the relationship between the school and community, and contribute to the improvement of the school program.

When approved in advance by the Superintendent or designee, nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations that are properly chartered or licensed by state or federal law may solicit students on school grounds during school hours and within one hour before school has opened and one hour after school has closed. (Education Code 51520)

Solicitations on Behalf of the School

With the approval of the Superintendent or designee, official school-connected organizations (PTA, booster club, etc.) may organize fund-raising events involving students.

Parents/guardians should be informed of the purpose of fund-raisers benefiting the school or school groups. After the fundraiser is held, parents/guardian should be told how much money was raised and how it was spent.

All Solicitations

Whether solicitations are made on behalf of the school or on behalf of another charitable organization, the Board particularly desires that no students shall be made to feel uncomfortable or pressured to provide funds. Staff is expected to emphasize the fact that donations are always voluntary. No students shall be barred from an activity because they did not participate in fund-raising.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish regulations as needed to guard student safety.

AR  1321 Solicitation of Funds From And By Stutents

In carrying out the provisions of the Education Code concerning the solicitations of funds by and from students in the district:

1. In order to minimize interruptions to the educational program, staff, shall limit fund-raising activities to appropriate time periods designated by the principal.

2. No student shall be required to raise a specified amount of money in order to participate in an activity sponsored by a school-related organization.  

3. Students engaged in fund-raising activities on behalf of the school or for school-related projects are expected to be courteous and respectful towards all individuals and businesses.

4. The Superintendent or designee must approve all activities involving the solicitation of funds; drives or sales participated in by students.

Door-to-Door Sales

Students under 16 years old may engage in door-to-door sales of newspaper or magazine subscriptions, candy, cookies, flowers or other merchandise only under the following conditions:

1. The students shall work in pairs, as a team, on the same or opposite side of the street. (8 CCR 11706).

2. The students shall be supervised by an adult, with one adult for every crew of 10 or fewer students. (8CCR 11706)

3. The students must be within the sight or sound of their adult supervisor at least once every 15 minutes. (8 CCR 11706)

4. The students shall be returned to their respective homes or meeting places after each day’s work. (8 CCR 11706)

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