The RFQ is used to “pre-qualify” firms for a project or known opportunity

The Purchasing Department will create the RFQ package noting the requirements for qualifying. The package shall include the typical required forms Non-collusion, Student safety, etc.  RFQ will be formally solicited.
Upon the deadline of the RFQ submissions, the following steps will occur:

  • Evaluation committee will review and score each package
  • Purchasing will tabulate the scores
  • Recommendation for qualifying firms
  • Submit Agenda Item
    • Listing only the vendor who is being recommended as qualified
  • Board of Ed Approval of Qualified list
  • Notification of Board action to Qualified

Now that a qualified list is established, the following may occur

  • Issue a Request for Proposal (RFP), inviting only the qualified to submit a proposal
    • The proposals may be submitted in the form of a quote
    • If Federal Funds are used, a minimum of 3 quotes (from the qualified firms) must be submitted as back up for the PO
  • If the RFQ did not include a master agreement, an Independent Contract Agreement will need to be issued. The RFQ document outlines agreement process, terms and conditions which are authorized with the approval of the RFQ.
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