Fresno USD | 3000 | AR 3315 Business and Non-instructional Operations
Relations with Vendors

  1. The Purchasing Department shall not solicit funds or materials from vendors, however worthy
    the purpose.
  2. No purchasing shall be made in violation of the Conflict of Interest Code.
  3. No employee shall endorse any product of any type or kind in such manner as will identify
    him/her in any way as an employee of the district.
  4. Manufacturing facilities, dealerships’ and vendors’ places of business shall be visited by the
    Purchasing Department staff if deemed necessary by the Executive Director of Purchasing to
    assist in any decision relative to quality of manufacturing and capability of vendors to meet the
    district’s needs.
  5. Salespersons shall be required to conduct business through the Purchasing Department during
    established office hours. If calls on other departments or schools are necessary, they shall be
    arranged by the Purchasing Department.
  6. No agents nor salespersons shall be permitted to discuss business propositions of any nature
    with teachers or students on the school premises while classes are in session. Representatives of
    textbook publishers and school furnishing supply houses, at times, may be exempted from this
    prohibition by authorization of the Superintendent or designee through authority cards authorized
    by the Purchasing and Curriculum Departments.
  7. All communications with suppliers should be through the Purchasing Department, except in
    special cases where the technical details make it advisable to delegate authority to others. A copy
    of all correspondence shall be forwarded to the Purchasing Department. If it is necessary to
    contact salespeople regarding special or highly technical details of their products, schools or
    departments should request such visits through the Purchasing Department.
  8. In discussions with commercial representatives, district employees should be reminded that
    only the Purchasing Department has the authority to commit the expenditure of funds for
    materials. Information with regard to prices paid for specific materials shall be furnished by the
    Purchasing Department.
  9. All suppliers’ representatives shall have a hearing relative to their products the first time they
    call. Subsequent visits shall be promptly acknowledged and interviews granted, depending upon
    the circumstances.
  10. The Purchasing Department shall actively maintain a current list of minority vendors. The list
    shall be viewed semiannually by the Executive Director of Purchasing and the district’s
    Affirmative Action Officer.
  11. The Purchasing Department shall be responsible for the disposal of all surplus, obsolete or
    scrap material.
  12. All requests for prices or for repair service and all purchases shall be made by the Purchasing
  13. All communications with suppliers shall be through the Purchasing Department except in
    special cases where the technical details make it advisable for the Executive Director of
    Purchasing to delegate that authority to others.
  14. General specifications for required materials is the responsibility of each using department;
    however, the Purchasing Department may question the quality and kind of material requested and
    should make recommendations relative to safety, health, economy, substitute materials,
    considering life cycle cost analysis, and guaranteed buy-back or disposal value. Disagreements
    over materials that cannot be reconciled between the Purchasing Department and the requisitioner
    should be forwarded to the proper administrator or committee for decision.
  15. The Purchasing Department shall be ultimately responsible for the preparation, issuance and
    administration of all bids and contracts and documentation of same.

Approved: June 23, 1994 Fresno, California
Reviewed: August 1, 2001

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