All playground equipment located on District property must comply with guidelines established by the US. Consumer Product Safety Commission and State and Federal requirements for safety. 

In order to ensure that all playground equipment meets the minimum construction and safety requirement ALL playground equipment must have approval from the Maintenance Department and the Purchasing Department prior to ordering.  This includes items that will be funded by Parents Clubs, Student Body Associations or other non-District sources.

AR 3290 Parent/Guardian-Constructed Playground Equipment

Administrative guidelines for parent/guardian-constructed playground equipment shall conform to the following procedure:

1. The Chief Financial Officer shall establish a recreation equipment committee: the chairperson of which shall be the Director of Purchasing.

2. The function of the recreation equipment committee shall include the following:

a. Establish minimum safety requirements for proposed projects.

b. Review plans and specifications for proposed projects.

c. Make recommendations to the Assistant Superintendent, Operational Services for approval of projects.

d. Certify completion and authorize child use.

3. Proposed construction projects approved by the committee and undertaken by parents/guardians shall be financed in their entirety by the parent/guardian group. Any request for district assistance must be made and approved or denied prior to initiation of construction.

4. Upon completion, the parents/guardians’ group shall, in writing, convey ownership and control thereof to the district.

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