All office supplies should be purchased through Office Depot. 

Restricted items include;

  • Warehouse items, those items must be purchased by SRQ
  • Technology -refer to the Standardized Equipment and Technology tab on the website
  • Food and Beverages- should be purchased at one of the Grocery vendors, Sams Club or Costco
  • Janitorial items- most items are available in the warehouse, purchase on an SRQ
  • Furniture items- should be purchased through Furniture vendors, contact Edward Van Patten

On restricted items, a site can do an item PO and send it to Purchasing for approval.

There are two types of Office Depot PO’s

  • Blanket “Open” PO’s.  Use commodity code 111BK07, vendor # 23790, it is considered a service.  Determine the amount needed and be sure to include all the information in the extended description area of the commodity page. Because this is on-line shopping, a valid FUSD email is required for both the Buyer and Approver (make sure it is not a maiden name or abbreviated name).
  • An item PO can be used if you want to order a small amount of items and do not want to open a blanket PO.  Use commodity code 1111107, vendor # 06422, it is an item.  Be sure to include the Office Depot item number and description in the extended description box of the commodity page.  Verify the correct cost online at to ensure you are tracking your budget correctly.  Catalogs costs do not reflect the districts discount.

Once your blanket RQS has been converted to a PO, you will receive an email from Office Depot with a log in and password.  You can then sign on and shop against the PO amount you have set up. Items will be sent directly to your site, usually on the next business day on most items.

If you requested an item PO, the merchandise will also be sent to your site, and you will be sent a receiver that you must sign and send back to Purchasing, Attn: Marisa Thibodeaux so that the PO can be cleared and Office Depot can be paid.   

If you have questions you may contact Marisa Thibodeaux at or 457-3584

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