Before showing a movie at school, MAKE SURE YOU’RE COMPLIANT!

Many schools use movies for a variety of programs and activities.  In order to legally show a movie outside of a home setting, federal copyright law requires obtaining a public performance license because the rights and permission remain with the movie’s copyright owner.

This legal requirement applies:

  • Regardless of how the movies are obtained
  • Whether or not an admission fee is charged
  • Whether the facility or organization is commercial or non-profit including PTA or school sponsored
  • Whether a federal, state or local agency is involved

There are two main licensing agents that supply most of the movie titles you may be interested in showing. Once a movie is selected, start the RQS process and fill out the single movie event form and attach the completed form to the RQS document.

**  If PTA is using funds to purchase the movie, a check along with the completed form should be sent to the company prior to the event.

Swank Motion Pictures dba Movie licensing USA, vendor # 24205, commodity code: 111PA03 (Payment in Advance) Movie Licensing USA Single Event License Order Form.pdf

Contact: John Guerra – PH: 877-321-1300 – Email: – Website: 


Contact: Kaitlin Morgan – PH: 1-800-876-5577 – Email:  KMORGAN@SWANK.COM 

  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Warner Bros.
  • Dreamworks
  • Paramount
  • Sony
  • Touchstone
  • Many more

Criterion Pictures USA, Inc., vendor # 29075, commodity code: 111PA03 (Payment in Advance) Criterion Single Event License Order Form.pdf

Contact: Katie Dintelman, PH: 1-800-890-9494 ext. 254 Email: 


  • 20th Century Fox

* * * If your site is planning on showing more than two movies, it would be beneficial to pay for the annual event license.  Contact the vendor for more information. * * *

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