Sites or departments must notify the Purchasing Department as soon as they have identified a need for services. The buyer will determine the appropriate method for procurement of the contract to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws.

Commodity Codes for Independent Contracts

  • Commodity code for RQS documents should be entered using 11ICA12 as a service type commodity line. Attach a copy of the fully executed contract to the RQS document.

The following do not require an Independent Contract Agreement:

Disk Jockey Services, Master of ceremonies, Arts & Crafts instruction, Adjudicators, guest speakers/presenters, live animal presentations etc. Please visit the staff collaborative site to view the full list of available commodity codes.

Required Submittal Documents/Forms:

  1. RQS (requisition); Use commodity code 11ICA12
  2. Completed & approved Routing Approval Form with fully executed Independent Contract Agreement 
  3. Agreements $15,000.00 and over, require Board approval
  4. Proof of professional liability, general liabilities, auto and workers comp.


  1. Independent contract services under $15,000 must be approved via a purchase order in
    accordance with administrative regulation 3323. Authorized district personnel and the contractor
    shall be required to complete an Independent Contractor – Service Agreement which would
    accompany the initiating department’s requisition for services (See exhibit 1).
  2. Independent contract services equal to, or in exceed of, $15,000 must be approved by the
    Board of Education via a formal written contract. The contract must include the following basic
    provisions unless otherwise modified by legal counsel:

What does “Fully Executed” mean?

Fully Executed means that all parties have agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract and any revisions thereto, and authorized individuals have signed and initialed the written contract.

Can principals or department leaders sign contracts on behalf of the District?

Only the School Board or an individuals delegated the authority through an approved board resolution may execute and deliver contracts on behalf of the District.

   The following District signatures must be obtained for a fully executed contract:

  • Checklist Approval:
    • Cabinet Level Office
    • Director of Risk Management
  • Contract Signature:
    • Chief Financial Officer

When should I use a Contract instead of a Purchase Order?

Use a contract for the procurement of services or deliverable goods when it is prudent to detail specific negotiated terms and conditions, including a Statement of Work within a legally binding document.

Are contracts exempt from Best Value Practice procedures?

No. Contracts are not exempt from Best Value Practice procedures which include procuring goods or services which satisfy minimum requirements/criteria at best price.

After the contract has been approved

Once the contract has been approved, you will need to submit a vendor application  and a W-9 FORM.  If the vendor is out of state, they must also submit a CA 590 Form.  All of these forms can be found on the Purchasing website under forms.

  • California Vendor or Non-California Resident (for vendors that did not submit/qualify for the CA590 Form): Non-California Resident Vendor (for vendors who have submitted a CA 590 Form).  Foreign Resident vendors will submit a W-BEN form in leiu of a CA590 Form.
    • PO’s for Non-California Resident vendors will begin with “NR” for Non-Resident.
    • PO’s for Foreign Resident vendors will begin with “FR” for Foreign Resident vendors .

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