The Fundraising vendor will need to complete an FUSD Vendor Application and W-9 form which can be provided by the school site and returned to them. CA-590 form may also apply for out of state vendors.

Pursuant to Administrative Regulation 3313.4 Access to Teachers, neither agents nor salespersons shall be permitted to discuss business propositions of any nature with teachers or students on the school premises while classes are in session. At times, representatives of textbook publishers and school furnishing supply houses may be exempted from this prohibition by authorization of the Superintendent.

The District’s Wellness Policy discourages the sale of candy as a fundraiser.

Vendors who are in a dispute with any school will be debarred until the dispute is settled. Please send complaints against fundraising vendors by e-mail to Constituent Services.

How to hold a fundraiser:​

Step 1 – Choose your vendor from the list of approved vendors or Scholastic Book Fairs v# 85924 (for staff only)

Step 2 – Set the dates of your fundraiser (available start dates range from start of school through May 15th each year). Vendor will provide a fundraiser agreement. Please attach agreement to RQS.

Step 3 – Enter your RQS using commodity code is 111FG04, the line type will be service.  Enter the RQS for $0-100,  once your fundraiser is closed and you have the invoiced amount, send an email to increase to Ashley Taylor for the dollar amount of the invoice.  If you have multiple fundraisers in a school year, this PO will work as a blanket and you will request to increase as you need to pay invoices. This should simplify your record keeping as well since you will only need 1 PO, for all your book fairs held during a fiscal year.

(This step is required to be completed and purchase order issued prior to any fundraising product is delivered to your site) AR 3310 IF the fundraiser has been completed, submit a complete RQS, service PO and attached signed invoice(s).

Step 4 – Hold your fundraiser

Step 5 – At the close of your fundraiser, count money with your Office Manger and immediately make your deposit (if you need assistance, please contact fiscal services 457-3535)

Step 6 – increase your PO to the invoiced amount by emailing Ashley Taylor once your deposited funds are available

Step 7 – sign your invoice and send to accounting for prompt payment  

Board Policy 3310 (BP) – Purchasing Procedures
Board Policy 3310 (AR) – Purchasing Procedures

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