Board Policy 3310


The mechanical function of procurement may be delegated. However, under law, the Governing Board has the sole authority and responsibility for all purchase contracts of the district, and this authority and responsibility cannot be delegated.

The duties of purchasing for Board approval should be centralized under the Director of Purchasing.

The Purchasing Department shall conduct or supervise all purchase transactions for the District.

The Director of Purchasing shall be familiar with and perform all his/her activities within the limitations prescribed by law, legal opinions, and in accordance with Board policies.

Four fundamental functions of the Purchasing Department are as follows:

1. Buy the proper product for the purpose required.

2. Have the product available when needed.

3. Buy the proper amount of the product.

4. Pay the proper price.

Budget appropriation shall be established before purchase orders and/or contracts are executed.

Funds shall be encumbered upon execution of purchase orders and/or contract.

Every transaction between a buyer and seller involving the transfer of property shall be by purchase order or formal contract.

Purchase orders and other purchase obligations shall be signed by the Executive Director of Purchasing or his/her designee.

Specifications governing materials are a joint responsibility of the educational and business divisions. In the procurement of the required materials, the Director of Purchasing shall ensure that the materials procured will meet the needs of the educational program

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