To: Firms Qualified by the Board of Education 6/10/2020, A-18

Regarding:  RFQ 20-13, Architect/Engineering Services [click this link to view awarded firms]

Please follow the instructions outlined below for assembling and distribution of bid package:

  1. District Project Manager will deliver Bid Info Sheet, & RQS (Best Source) to Purchasing and ensure that Project Specifications and Drawings have been submitted to Purchasing by Designer.
  2. Specifications and Drawings must be approved by the District Project Manager and reviewed by Purchasing prior to releasing a ‘Front-End’ to Designer for incorporation into bid documents (Project Manual). Designer shall provide a conformed Table of Contents and submit the completed Project Manual to District Project Manager and Purchasing in electronic format.
  3. District is subject to California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (CUPCCAA). Purchasing will prepare and send a Notice to Bidders to the CUPCCAA contractors list, required Trade Journals, plan rooms and publish in the Fresno Bee or Business Journal pursuant to Public Contract Codes 22034 & 22036.
  4. Designer shall incorporate the enclosed title page and Division 00 and Division 01 into the Project Manual along with Designer’s technical specifications and Drawings to assemble the complete ‘bid package’. Do not change District documents, they are approved as written, by the District’s legal counsel. Do not include any Division 00 or Division 01 Sections in Designer’s Specifications. Additionally, Designer shall verify that they have not included any Div. 00 or Div. 01 language that duplicates or conflicts with the terms of the District’s documents. Designer shall Include a note indicating that where conflicts occur between Designer Specifications and District documents, District terms and requirements shall prevail.
  5. Designer shall prepare and deliver a complete bid package to Purchasing [(via shared drive, when link is provided by District or via Designer provided portable media device (‘flash drive’) to District]. District Project Manager and Purchasing will review and approve the complete bid package prior to release. 
  6. Purchasing will distribute bid package to Contractors, Builders Exchanges and Plan Rooms via Procureware notification.
  7. Designer shall prepare and generate all Addenda to the bid using Designer’s cover and format with all DSA-required language and references and shall submit in electronic format to District Project Manager and Purchasing. Review and approval by the District Project Manager and Purchasing is required prior to release of each Addendum. Purchasing will release Addenda via Procureware notification to Contractors, Builder’s Exchanges, and required trade journals pursuant to Public Contract Codes 22034 & 22036.
  8. Note that for projects which are subject to $1-million-dollar Prequalification per PCC 20111.6, Purchasing will discuss at Pre-Bid Conference and issue “Bid Bulletin #1” containing current Prequalified list. Final Prequalified list will also be issued via subsequent “Bid Bulletin”. Purchasing will issue Bid Bulletins via Procureware notification. This will allow DSA Addenda to be sequential starting at No.1.
  9. Builders Exchanges/Trade Journals Addenda Distribution List – All approved Addenda shall be distributed via Procureware notification to the trade journals and plan rooms on behalf of the District pursuant to Public Contract Codes 22034 & 22036.

We look forward to working with you on this project. 

Should you have any questions in relation to the bidding process, please call assigned Purchasing personnel to discuss.

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