All requests for Publication of Advertisement must be submitted to the Purchasing Department.

Fresno Bee/The Business Journal

Note: Departments/Sites shall no longer place Ads/Publications directly to the Fresno Bee.

  1. Requester shall generate and approve a Purchase Requisition (RQS):
    • Use Commodity Code 111ADV16 – Advertisement
    • Use Vendor 84563
    • Make the RQS amount for $1500; you will only be charged for the actual amount of the publication
    • Email David Her (Purchasing) in Word format the exact text and dates Ad is to appear in Fresno Bee (use Times New Roman, 12 font)
    • The Subject on the email must read “Fresno Bee Account#IPL0018963 / FUSD RQS #####” (use actual RQS # to charge against for Ad)
  2. The Fresno Bee Account is on PREPAY status. Purchasing will place the order with the Fresno Bee and pre-pay with a District Credit Card.
    • The end user will have the opportunity to proof the Advertisement prior to publication. 
    • Deadlines for Publication with the Fresno Bee:
      • If submitted by 4:00PM on:      Earliest Publication               Proof to Advertiser              Proofreading Deadline is 10:00AM by:
      • Monday                                         Thursday                                   Tuesday                                  Wednesday
      • Tuesday                                          Friday                                       Wednesday                             Thursday
      • Wednesday                                    Sunday/Monday              
      •  Thursday                         Friday
      • Thursday                                        Tuesday                                    Friday                                 Monday
      • Friday                                             Wednesday                              Monday                                   Tuesday
  3. The RQS will not be converted into a PO, however Accounting will use the Budget information on the RQS to pay the credit card once the statement arrives.
    • Purchasing will send the RQS and the proof to End User and Accounting (Accounting Department Supervisor).  End User must notify Purchasing of changes prior to the proofreading deadline.
  4. Purchasing will cancel the RQS after confirmation is sent to the End User and Accounting.

Reconciliation of Account:
Accounting will receive Weekly Statements from Commerce Bank to help reconcile the account against the Credit Card statement.

Account #IPL0018963 is used for Publications/Ads

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Monday Edition Thursday @ 11 a.m.
Wednesday Edition Monday @ 11 a.m.
Friday Edition Wednesday @ 11 a.m.

All notices are priced per column inch $50.00

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